Your Primer On the Most Stylish Cars Ever Made

Have you ever looked at a catalog of cars and tried to decide which one was the best look? Have you then taken that list to your friends and compared results?

If you have, then you know just how subjective and inconclusive these lists can be. They are opinions, expert opinions in some cases, but they will vary from person to person.

And that is what we deliver in this article. This is our list of the most stylish cars ever to strut down streets, and if you want to get your hands on them, you might want to consider a car finance 0 apr with no deposit right now. That being said, if you consider yourself a car connoisseur, sit down and put your seatbelts on because this is going to be a drive you will never forget!

Maserati A6GCS/53

Our first entry is a blast from the past. This is not a car many people will put on their list – chiefly because they don’t know about it. There is no way for anyone not to fall in love with it once they’ve seen the gorgeous design, though. Designed to partake in the 1953 World Sportscar Championship, it is still a looker.

The curves don’t really make any aerodynamic sense, but they don’t need to. Art and sanity seldom go hand in hand, after all, and this is plain to see in the low roofline. The twin exhaust more than makes up for the lack of headroom, though. Besides, it’s beautiful. What more do you need?

1958 Corvette C1

Though this classic American beauty came out in 1953, it took five years for it to reach the very peak of design brilliance. With the quad-headlights and the iconic white-walled tires, the ‘58 C1 was out to do two things: provide a smooth ride and steal hearts. On both counts, it was a grand success. No other car before or since has worn white-walled tires quite as majestically.

Post facelift C1s came with phony air vents and air intake scoops that did nothing. If ever there was a car that existed just for the aesthetic, the ‘58 C1 was it. It looks heavy, it looks sleek, and it is just as evocative now as it was back when it was unveiled.

1952 Alfa Romeo C52 Disco Volante


Picture 2


The term ‘Disco Volante’ means Flying Saucer in Italian. Why, you ask? What does this car have to do with extraterrestrials? Absolutely nothing. It is so named because this car, believe it or not, was the most aerodynamic thing to slip through the streets at its time. Every curve and design decision was made to reduce drag. And in the crazy Italian way that we find so endearing, Alfa created something absolutely breathtaking.

Porsche 356 Speedster

The Volkswagen Beetle is an iconic car, no doubt, but it is still a car for the masses. A simple and elegant machine. What would happen if someone wanted to take the aesthetic sense of the Beetle and make a car that was built for performance? They would end up with the Porsche 356 Speedster.

As with most cars on the list, this one wasn’t made with practicality in mind. Having an incredibly low and raked windscreen means that only a very low soft top will follow, which all but ensures that nobody with a functioning head can sit and drive this thing. If you just want to look at this car – and why shouldn’t you? – then few other cars make for better eye candy.

Jaguar XK-E

Enzo Ferrari, the great-grandpa of the automotive giant and designer of the most influential line of supercars ever made, took one look at this Jag and told the world that it was the most beautiful car ever made in the whole world. The then managing director of Jaguar, William Lyons, was of the opinion that the E-type wouldn’t sell. Why? Because he thought it wasn’t pretty.

Well, the whole world disagreed with Mr. Lyons since everyone laid eyes on it in 1961 at Geneva. Even today, the E-type remains one of the most well-beloved cars in the world. If Enzo Ferrari says that a car is the most beautiful in the world, then it really is all that.


The cars listed here have all withstood the test of time, leaving indelible marks on the imagination of their fans for decades. You can even rent these cars for yourself. It is only when several generations of car enthusiasts give a car their seal of approval and undying support that it becomes more than what it was: it becomes a symbol of quality work, lovingly made, and even more lovingly received by the people.

While nowhere close to a conclusive list, this one was made to capture some of the most attractive creations in automotive history. We only hope that you liked what you saw.

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