Why Is Gold Bracelet the Ideal Accessory for Men?

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In order to answer this question, let’s divide it into two parts. First one will be “Why gold?”.

To explain the reason why gold is so popular in jewelry we may start with people, who turn the metal into works of art. Why do they choose gold from all the metals existing? The answer is simple. Gold is easy to work with. It is soft and malleable, and can easily be stretched and shaped, giving space for imagination and creativity. Let’s continue with the looks of the jewelry. Gold is lustrous and can provide rich color which results in the attractive appearance of the finished item. Besides, gold is unreactive. It doesn’t tarnish, rust or corrode, so the initial looks of the jewelry piece will remain quite the same even over the great amount of time. And to help us finish the thought we’ll turn to the wearer himself. Gold is the hypoallergenic metal, so it is safe for the people wearing it. All those properties of gold make it ideal metal for jewelry in whole, and bracelets as well.

Now let’s get to the second half of the question. “Is bracelet the ideal accessory for men?”

There are men who would look ridiculous with an earring. Some guys feel uncomfortable wearing necklaces. But there are no males that would look inappropriate wearing a bracelet.

There are various types of bracelets for men: chain, Rolex, leather, rubber, beaded, woven, Shamballa… They are all designed to make the accent on men’s hands. What for? The fact that a tweet with a photo of a man’s hand and the title “For females that like hands” made in 2017 currently has 37 000 likes, provides the food for thought. It may seem weird, but there really are women that are crazy about men’s hands. So, obviously it is not a bad idea to highlight the aesthetics of man’s hands.


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Mens gold bracelets are the way to show status and wealth along with exceptional taste and sense of style. Gold link chain bracelets are the best option for this purpose.

Miami Cuban link chain bracelet is the undeniable leader of man’s choice. It became the undying classics. The pattern of Cuban chain, which consists of flat twisted oval links, provides the bracelet recognizable chunky looks. It creates the impression of strength, stability and reliability. The bracelet itself is really strong and sturdy. Perfect choice for a man who values style and classic.

Another frequently chosen style of men’s gold bracelets is Figaro. The design of it displays one long oval link followed by 2-3 smaller round ones. Invented in Italy and named after the character of the famous play “Barber of Seville”, it combines Italian passion and Figaro’s witty and vigorous nature. The bracelet with this pattern indicates that the owner is smart, inventive and possesses good sense of humor. He is probably able to solve any problem in a creative way and achieve his goals no matter what.

The connoisseur of status jewelry will definitely like the Rolex bracelet. Designed after a famous watch, this bracelet is made to convey the strong will and nature of the wearer. It is the style beyond fashion and time.

But how to pick the ideal gold bracelet? You need to consider such factors as size of the bracelet, width, purity of gold, color and the presence of gems.

Men’s bracelet sizes usually vary from 6.7 in. (170.1 mm) to around 9 in. (228.6 mm). To determine the size for your bracelet you need to measure your wrist. If you have the flexible measuring tape, just use it; if not, take any string, thread or a strip of paper and wrap it around your wrist, mark the place it completes wrapping and measure it with a ruler. Add half an inch to your wrist size to have the size of the bracelet that fits you. But if you like the bracelet to be loose, add 1 inch to the size of your wrist.

The choice of the width depends solely on you. If you prefer large bulky bracelets, choose the width from around 7-8 mm. For more elegant and delicate variants, the width under 5 mm will be perfect.

The wider chain bracelets may be easily completed by the thinner ones in a layered look. If you opt for wearing your bracelet together with the watch, consider wearing thinner items above the watch, while thicker chains would look better beneath it.

You may also attach some men’s pendant to your bracelet, for example, a cross, a letter or other charms.


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The most common choice of gold purity for men’s bracelets is 10k, 14k and 18k. Gold purity defines the percentage of gold in the alloy used for the jewelry item. The higher is the content of gold in the alloy, the more karats the jewelry piece gets. The price for the bracelet grows along with the purity. Sometimes, to make the gold bracelet more affordable preserving its width and style manufacture may opt for hollow gold. It is still the same gold, but hollow inside. Thus, it becomes lighter and less expensive while still looking luxurious and glamorous. But if the durability and value of your bracelet means more to you than money, then you should pick solid gold jewelry. The bracelets made of solid gold are stronger and more resistant to link breaks and stretches.

There is no doubt that yellow gold men’s bracelets highlight the status of the wearer and his style, but to finish your look more effectively, you may decide upon the bracelets of white gold. They will become the breath of fresh air in your image. The bracelet made of rose gold becomes more intricate and sophisticated. And the exquisite black gold bracelet will elevate your look to the whole new level. There are also examples of extravagant designs with multiple gold colors combined within one bracelet. But choosing color you need to keep in mind that it should match your complexion. Yellow and rose gold go well with dark or olive skin, while white gold prefers fair complexion. Also, you need to consider the shades of your clothes, as yellow gold looks better upon a contrast with dark clothes. Other gold colors match light-colored outfits.


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And the last thing you should decide concerning your bracelet is the precious stones. Iced out diamond bracelet looks anything but ordinary. They draw attention to your hands and gestures, making them more noticeable and significant. Diamonds are not the only choice of gems. If you prefer specific precious stones, your birthstones, or simply wish to add more colors to your bracelet, you may pick the jewelry according to your preferences. It is not a problem for a good jewelry store to help you pick the bracelet which meets your desires and budget. Just make sure that the seller is reliable and trustworthy.

To sum it up, let’s mention the reasons why gold bracelet is the ideal accessory for men. It is a good investment; looks great on its own and highlights the advantages, style, taste and status of the wearer; suits to every man with no exceptions; can be easily combined with clothes and other jewelry; has a great variety of types and styles; and is easy to wear and maintain. Where else can you find jewelry that is as multipurpose as the bracelet? Make sure your hands are for all the attention.

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