Which is Better, Star Wars or Star Trek?

In the world of science fiction, two entities rule the roost Star Wars and Star Trek. Both are science-based and involve spaceships and aliens.

1966 was the year the Star Trek TV series was originally made, and this helped shape the beginning of the popular Star Wars films. Without the help of the two, Star Wars movies wouldn’t have a plot, for Star Trek influenced it.

Star Trek consists of 13 titles, the first film was made in 1979, and the latest one is Star Trek Beyond which was released in 2016. Star Trek movies have a storyline that leads to the next reason. Therefore, one needs to watch Star Trek movies in order to avoid getting left out.

Both Star Wars and Star Trek base all their movies in space, and all revolve around science. But both are different. How so?
Star Wars neopixel lightsabers and the futuristic world of Star Trek are just a few aspects that differentiate the two iconic franchises.

Star Wars

Star Wars, created by George Lucas, it’s an epic space franchise. It is based in the space world, in the galaxy a long time ago. Its storyline is about fighting evil with good. The Center of it all is the force, powerful energy created by all life around and everything in the universe. It’s a science fantasy.

Star Trek

Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek. It’s a science fiction media franchise that focuses on technology and its possibilities. It’s centered around life in space as they explore it in search of a new civilization. To discover places that no man has ever been.

Both Star Wars and Star Trek are worth watching, especially if you are a fan of Sci-Fi. For they are entertaining. And here are the reasons why they are popular

Why is Star Wars Popular?

Star Wars has a large following of Sci-Fi fans. Here are the reasons why:

The morals available in the story

One thing that makes Star Wars more entertaining to watch is the qualities available, such as  love, family, and hope.. It reflects the need for family, love and how much everyone should appreciate it.

The films contain action, entertaining stories, and lessons that everyone can take points from. For example, in the darkest times, always have hope, and always remember to love your family.

Great Content

There is a lot of content available for Star Wars. It consists of novels, comics, and books. If you happen not to be a fan of watching movies, you will find something that will interest you, for they have novels and comics. They make sure you have unlimited content to explore.

Endless Stories

Their endless stories are entertaining. You want to follow each story to the end; they are creative, bringing people together.

When it comes to the Sci-Fi genre, Star Wars is not the only one involved because they go head-to-head with Star Trek, and below are the reasons why Star Trek is popular.

Why Star Trek is so popular

One of the reasons Star Trek is so popular is the fact that it portrays hope. It was the first of the fiction films that showed the works of a hopeful civilization for humans. Also, it shows a world where humans’ drive is science and the desire for exploration.

Star Trek Stories

Star Trek consists of more humanistic stories, a genius created by Gene Roddenberry with a vision of perfect humans and a bright future.

Star Trek brings hope to the viewers; it shows no matter how cruel the world around us is, it will get better. We will get better.

The dialogue is entertaining and shows just how intelligent the writer is. Also, the same is to be said about the plots, for they are engaging.

Between these two Sci-Fi Star Wars and Star Trek, which one is worth watching?

Star Trek or Star Wars?

It for sure has been a great battle between the two. First, Star Trek was a successful series in 1966, and then later, Star Wars showed interest in space science/fantasy, and the competition began.

Star Wars is exciting plus entertaining. It’s such a thrill. It gives you the best lightsabers, top characters and the energy you want to see more. When it comes to Star Wars fans, they believe Star Wars has everything they want. Star Wars has brought so much to the Box Office without the help of TV series to back its content.

Star Trek is considered one for the mature. The movies and shows are engaging and they challenge you every time you watch them because it reflects how we can have a change and bring a better tomorrow. Reason Star Trek is better than Star Wars is because it consists of lessons that you can apply to everyday life.

Star Wars also happens to have quotes, stories that would help shape a family. But when it comes to Star Trek, it’s really about the reality of what happens around us every day, and you can use some of the lessons to try to change the world for the better.


Star Trek and Star Wars are both entertaining, filled with action scenes, but that is not all, for both have lessons that can shape our world for a better one.

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