What’s your favorite feminine product?

What is a feminine product?

Veebabes has a website that talks about feminine products, they list tampons and pads as examples of the types of products.

They say on their website “You feel clean and fresh down there” (tampon) and “It makes your period less noticeable” (pad). They also talk about how it is mess free-no leaks, you can swim, play sports without worrying. It’s an easy way to deal with menstrual blood.

The reason I chose this source was that it had good information on why we need these products, what men think about them, who uses them, and how long it takes for them to decompose in the ocean. It also exists online so it can be referenced easily if needed . The author of this article did a good job on making sure their readers had the most accurate and up to date information.

“80% of women use tampons.” “So next time you’re at the store looking for that go-to feminine product, be sure to grab some U by Veebabes Sleek Tampons! Not only are you getting quality protection, but your helping to change lives!”

The article goes on to talk about what men think about them and then talks about how we need these products. It gives information on why we need them while giving examples of ways we can put them in our body while also talking about what they do and how long it takes for them to decompose in the ocean.

There is a product I really enjoy and there is no way around it. It’s one of those items we all buy because we know we absolutely need it, but nobody wants to talk about it! I’m talking about feminine products. Specifically, tampons and pads. I find myself buying these things every month without fail. So what could be better than writing an article on my favorite brand?

While there are many items that can be included in this category, I’ve found that the ones made by Veebabes are my favorite for many reasons: they’re affordable, last long, and always leave me feeling fresh. But once you start using them you realize there’s so much more to love than just their convenience .

Did you know that it’s estimated 80% of women use tampons?

If you’re like me, the first time I had my period, I was pretty nervous. All those horror stories floating around about toxic shock syndrome (TSS), lead to some “interesting” conversations with my parents. But eventually, I learned how to change them right and not be too worried about TSS.

In the US alone, 14 billion tampons are used each year!

That’s a lot of waste going into landfills! Kotex has been making feminine products since the 1920s and is one of the leaders in developing cotton tampon alternatives. This year they’ve released a new line called U by Kotex Sleek Tampons. It’s all of the convenience and protection you love about a tampon, but with less impact on the environment. They come wrapped in cotton instead of plastic and are 100% biodegradable!

Each Sleek Tampon contains 4x more fibers than the leading tampon brand, so they help keep you dry and prevent leaks for up to 8 hours. Plus, they’re made with natural absorbency material derived from plants and seaweed. So there are no dyes or chemicals that can lead to irritation or bad reactions.

For me, even though I’ve never had any problems using tampons all these years, it was always nice knowing that Kotex is out there developing new products that are more comfortable, safer, and better for the environment. I haven’t used any other brand since.

It’s no secret that women need to use tampons or pads, but you might not know that more than 8 million girls around the world miss school every month because they don’t have access to feminine care products. Girls are dropping out of school at alarming rates due to lack of menstrual education resulting in an average of an estimated 10% fewer lifetime earnings. By picking up some U by Kotex Sleek Tampons this month, you can help change the lives of girls all over the world. Your purchase provides funding towards their education so girls can stay in school instead of missing valuable learning time.

Every month, I think about what I can do to help further my education…but the truth is, purchasing a box of your favorite tampons helps girls in need stay in school so they can achieve their dreams.

So next time you’re at the store looking for that go-to feminine product, be sure to grab some U by Kotex Sleek Tampons! Not only are you getting quality protection, but you’re helping to change lives!

Why do we use feminine products? (According to Kotex)

80% of women use tampons. That’s a lot! Now you know why they’re so important!

Here are some reasons that Kotex suggests on their website:

– You feel clean and fresh down there.

– You can swim, play sports, sleep…pretty much anything you want without worrying about leaks.

– It makes your period less noticeable.

– It’s the mess

-free way to deal with menstrual blood.*

According to Forbes, it takes an average of 16 years for these products to decompose in the ocean. So every time we buy disposable feminine products, we’re throwing away more than just plastic wrappers….we’re throwing out future generations who could be saved if girls stayed in school

What do men think about feminine products? (According to Kotex)

78% of men say their partner using disposable tampons or pads makes them feel “empowered and protected”.

Survey Results: When asked whether they prefer a woman who uses disposable tampons or pads during her period, 78% of men responded that there was no difference between the two. Of the remaining 22%, 34% preferred women who used disposable tampons and 31% preferred women who used disposab le pads. The other 35% indicated that it did not matter either way.

So next time you’re about to throw away your feminine products in a public restroom because there aren’t any trash bins around to dispose of them properly, take a moment to think about how many times you’ve done that and how it may be negatively impacting the environment.

Will we ever get rid of feminine products? (According to Kotex)

Luckily, we don’t have to!

U by Kotex Sleek Tampons are designed to work with your body and help keep you feeling clean and fresh. The natural absorbency material absorbs quickly and locks away wetness better than the leading tampon brand, so you’ll feel dry all day long. That means one less thing to worry about during that time of the month! *Not intended for use as a post-coital contraceptive or as a replacement for regular contraception. Please see Package Insert inside box for complete instructions and other information on proper use. Not available in California.


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