What You Must Consider Before Buying Women’s Shorts

With the arrival of the heat, it has become a lot easier to style the look with shorts and TWOTHIRDS SHORTS. Although we already know that these women’s shorts garments can be worn in all seasons with the necessary changes.

Not only have that, but because it is so versatile and versatile that it makes it an absolute must-for many occasions. So the shorter ones are perfect for going to the beach, pool or festival. The longest ones can easily organize a working girl’s look if the dress code allows it, and having something in between is totally usable for shopping or going out at night.

However, as with any product, choosing the ideal womens shorts to style your body depends a lot on how well we know our bodies. In this way, we will be able to strengthen our strengths. Key advice? That they are the right size. It’s basically about feeling comfortable, but for different silhouettes, here are a few recommendations to get the most out of this refreshing item.

High Waist

High-waisted shorts are the best ally for petite women, especially short ones, as they make the legs look longer. It goes much better with a sleeveless blouse. It will also help if you have wide hips or want to accentuate a narrow waist.


Mid-thigh shorts are universally flattering, especially if you want to hide your volume. Of course, the wider the legs, the shorter the legs. A silhouette like this is very helpful even if you are very slim and straight and have a small hip.

Middle Rise

A size below the waist is a good choice if you have a rectangular body, i.e. your waist to hips are the same, just as high-waisted models greatly benefit from a shorter silhouette. The shorter the length, the more voluminous you feel.

Paper Bag

This design features a high waist and is much tighter at the waist, usually with a belt, bow or ruffles. If you have an hourglass body shape, it is advantageous if you have a small hip because it perfectly adapts to your curve and draws a body with curvaceous beauty. Bonus Tips? Wear it with a simple, tight blouse or top to avoid adding more volume than you want.

Rolled Up Or Frayed

It is important not to be too tight, as baggy shorts draw attention towards the thighs and may show unwanted areas. Leg cuffs with two or more cuffs will create a horizontal line, so it’s okay for people with thin legs, but it’s better to avoid if you don’t want your thighs to stick out.

Adds Volume To The Hip

If your silhouette has some curves, you can add volume to your hips with a design with side pockets. Choose pleated, A-line, textured shorts or shorts with graphic prints or bold colors to achieve the same result.


Black is one of the most fashionable. If you have an apple-shaped body or voluminous hips and want to hide them, shorts in this color might be an option to consider. You can enhance the effect by focusing your eyes on the upper part with a brightly colored blouse or top.

A-Line Or Fluid Fabric

Flowing A-line shorts will be flattering because they will make your legs look longer and slimmer if you are hourglass-shaped or want to hide your thighs. A great resource if your hips are narrower than your shoulders.

Without Snap

If you don’t want to add volume to your abdomen, look for shorts that fasten to the side rather than the front, or simply have a very thin elastic band. Bonus Tips? Vertical stripes elongate the silhouette and horizontal stripes give an optical illusion of wide hips, so an inverted triangle body shape will be a stronger ally.

Very Long Shorts

Shorts reaching or exceeding the knee a few inches have taken center stage in recent seasons. That’s good news because it’s not only comfortable, but also versatile. Great coverage, stylish, hides wide thighs and covers cartridge belts.


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