What Movie Genre Gets The Next Big Spotlight?

It’s safe to say that the past couple of decades have been centred on the ‘hero’. Starting with renewed interest in classic characters and followed by both expansion and subversion of everything about it, we may now be seeing that era coming to an end. Recent efforts have been met with weariness and the box office numbers are gradually dwindling.

So what genre looks set to get all the attention next?

Historical and Period Pieces

Our most likely candidate currently is all around the historical genre, whether that’s factual documentaries or dramatised series. We’ve already seen a number of works across all kinds of media recently, not just on the screen but also in popular books and online casinos. In fact, games based in historical settings like Cleopatra or Gods Of Troy are staples at larger casino site games lists like the one over at https://casino.betfair.com/p/slots, and that popularity has been there for a long time already.

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The lineup includes the massive production of a Napoleon dramatisation as well as continuations of the wildly popular series The Crown and Bridgerton on streaming sites. Going further back, recent archaeological finds and developments are also spurring interest and we wouldn’t be surprised if we’re moving into a historical era.

Spoof Comedies

Irreverent, mature, and written to a split-second of timing, spoof comedies at their peak in the 70s and 80s were never box-office smashes. However, many have retained a cult following as this list over at https://www.yardbarker.com/entertainment demonstrates. The genre had become oversaturated by the mid-00s and there was a noticeable decline in quality.

While a handful of spoofs popped out in between, the last few years have seen efforts by the likes of Andy Samberg and Ryan Reynolds that have revived the concept of mocking entire sub-cultures successfully. When it comes to comedy, it’s hard to judge what is going to stay popular, but if you consider that Leslie Nielsen’s Police Squad is currently at its most popular in the 40 years since it was made, there’s clearly a market there.


It has been an unexpected rise given that the previous golden era was around 80 years ago but musical films are suddenly back in vogue again. Starting with Mamma Mia all the way back in 2008, there has been a steady stream of major musical movie productions. Some of the biggest titles you’ll see on the ‘best of all time’ list at https://www.timeout.com/theatre/best-musical-movies have been from the past few years.

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So can the likes of the blockbuster La La Land and the incredible West Side Story remake lead a new era? With modern musical stars lending their names and faces to Hollywood more and more often, production companies can get those bankable built-in audiences so there’s every reason for them to push these projects hard.

As with everything in popular media, knowing precisely what will be in demand in the future is nearly impossible; if anyone knew that, they would be extremely rich very soon! Everything above is just a starting point and it’s worth looking into further yourself if you want to be ready for the next big thing.

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