What kind of Cars Music Stars Prefer

The Musicians have long set the trend, not only in music, but also in slang, clothing, and cars. Some of them like to show off a cool car in a music video rented from Tampa Limo Service. But sometimes the car is not just a background or a prop for the video, but also plays a key role in the story. We have carefully selected for you the most entertaining tracks with high car-artistic value.


The Cardigans — My Favorite Game

Nina Persson, the lead singer of the Cardigans, and her teddy toy Felix practice dangerous driving on a highway somewhere in the American Mojave Desert, driving a 1974 Cadillac Eldorado. She cleverly uses a boulder picked up on the side of the road as cruise control. The ride does not end well: the Cadillac crashes into a Ford Econoline van with the rest of the Cardigans riding in it.


OK Go — Needing/Getting

The alternative rock band OK Go has become famous not so much for its music but its creative videos. In one of them, a Chevrolet Sonic hatchback not only plays the role of transport but even performs the function of a musical instrument. All kinds of sound tools are attached to the car, which works when the car moves along a specially built track. It is meaningless to describe this performance in the text – you have to see it once.


M.I.A. — Bad Girls

British Tamil singer Mathangi Arulpragasam (better known as M.I.A.) made a music video for her song Bad Girls in 2012 that won Video of the Year at both the MTV Video Music Awards and the Grammys. So what’s notable about this work? The video is shot in an Arabian environment, where girls act inappropriately, drifting cars and doing all sorts of stunts.

Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home

A representative of the first-generation Range Rover can be found in the music video of Aubrey Drake Graham. The public knows him as Drake, and in a beautiful work for the track Hold On, We’re Going Home, the main character goes to rescue his girlfriend in such a car in a five-door version.

Drake is very passionate about Range Rover, because in the music video for the song Headlines, he starred in the background of three restyled cars of the third generation of this model.

No surprise, because full-size luxury SUVs Range Rover is a great, comfortable, and status vehicle, which, of course, appealed to rap singers. Some of them (we don’t call names) even use cheap full-size SUV car rentals services in Dubai during shoots of their music videos. And this is not surprising, because renting an exotic car here is as easy as shelling pears. By the way, rental services are especially popular even among local residents. And everyone can find an affordable option for the best possible driving experience.


Kanye West – Mercy 

The music video for the track, the title of which speaks for itself – Mercy (short for Murciélago), in the background you can see … no, not Murciélago, but Gallardo – another sports car from Lamborghini, which is one step lower than the model, to which the title of the music track refers. This music video from the members of the GOOD Music label (Kanye West, Pusha T, Big Sean, Tu Chainz) has gathered almost 200 million views on YouTube.

What to expect?

The growing popularity of the Tesla brand and the general tendency of hybridization and electrification of supercars will make itself felt, and in the music videos of singers we will see more and more hybrid and electric cars – It’s time to record hits on the ecology theme.


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