What Is the Right Type of Event to Hire a Comedian?

Comedy is a powerful thing that helps people relax, cut loose, and have fun. Although music feels like the primary form of entertainment most people consider for any event: hiring a comedian gives everyone the chance to laugh and connect with others at the event through humor.

Unfortunately, not every event is the best time for a comedian. These are the top events they’re often hired for and why they work so well for comedians.

Corporate Events

What better way to kick off a corporate event is there than to have an awesome comedian like Josh Denny hit the stage? Corporate events tend to be dry and boring and leave people wanting far more out of them than they can offer. Because of this, it’s important to consider updating your event so that it feels special and interesting by adding a comedian. A corporate-friendly comedian can help people laugh and connect as a team without taking it so far that they offend someone or make someone feel laughed at.


Graduations, especially from high school, are a huge moment in peoples’ lives that lets them feel like they’re at the start of the next large part of their lives. This is an awesome time to add some levity to the party, giving them a chance to laugh and feel excited instead of nervous about what lies ahead in their life.   

When celebrating a graduation, take the time to ensure you give them something to laugh and cheer about, unlike anything else. Over time this will become a memory that they cherish and want to talk about for years.

Birthday Parties

Every modern birthday party seems to be the same. We celebrate with music and food, and then once people get bored, they go home. Birthday parties are one of the best times to have comedians because it invites guests and the birthday person to have fun cutting loose and enjoying the time of their life while they laugh at the awesome jokes and great comedy brought on by the comedian. If the birthday person is into more rude and crude humor, you could even host a roast that will allow them to be laughed at a little bit, made better by supplying the comedian with rude jokes.

Family Reunions

Family reunions are another awesome place to have a comedian perform because it ensures that family members can reconnect through comedy. The best way to do this is to talk to the comedian first and ply them with inside jokes or stories about the family so that they can create a fun set based around that. Although not every comedian will do this, it’s a fun option to consider when hiring comedians for the event.

Any Event Can Be The Right Time for a Comedian

Regardless of what type of event you’re throwing, if you want to keep the energy high and the guests entertained, consider hiring a comedian so that everyone who attends will have the time of their life! This type of performance is something most parties don’t have.

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