What Does PK Mean in Betting

If you are planning to take sports betting seriously, it is important to know some technical terms that will help you better navigate the betting industry. Knowing the terms helps players avoid mistakes that often result in users losing money.

Here, in this review, we will look at what does pk mean in betting, which is often used in different sports. Most often, it can be found in football betting.

The term PC (also called “zero handicaps”) is a type of bet in which each player gets the opportunity to ensure if the match or part of it (time, period) ends in a draw.

Zero handicap means that the player bets on the victory of one of the teams. Therefore, if the match ends in a draw, the user can get a refund of his bet (in this case, all funds that he bet on the outcome of the event are returned).

As mentioned earlier, a victory with a zero handicap implies a bet on the victory of one of the opponents. It is important that in case of a draw, such a bet does not lose but is calculated with a coefficient of 1.0. That is, it is returned to the player – thus, he does not lose his money. To make it easier to understand how the zero handicap works, we can consider three options for the outcome of a sporting event:

  • Winning the selected team (the team can win with any score) – in this case, the player receives a profit according to the specified coefficient.
  • Draw – in this case, the bookmaker returns the player the entire amount of his bet.
  • The loss of the selected team (no matter with what score) – the bet loses, which means the player loses his money.

Features of the zero handicap

The advantage of this type of betting is that the odds for a zero handicap are always slightly lower. This is because such a bet covers two outcomes at once (that is, the probability of winning is 33%, and the probability that you will not lose is 66%).

Not all players understand exactly when to bet with a zero handicap. Therefore, it is worth noting that such bets are, first of all, an opportunity to insure. Most often, they are made if the opponents have approximately equal chances of winning, so it is difficult to determine who will become the favorite.

Experts advise carefully studying the statistics of the team before placing bets on a zero handicap.

This will help determine which team is more likely to win. If the statistics helped to identify the favorite, then you can bet on the victory of one of the teams, but with a safety net. The final score of the match mustn’t matter. The main thing here is that the team chosen by the player does not lose.

When should you not bet on a zero handicap?

As you might guess, betting on a zero handicap is not at all profitable when the favorite of the match is obvious. One of the reasons is the low odds that bookmakers offer, in this case, for a possible winner.

However, if there is a high probability that an outsider can become the winner of the match, then the player can make such a bet and make good money.

Pros and Cons of Zero Handicap Betting

Among the benefits, the most obvious is the significant risk reduction. If a player made a bet on a team that tied, the player will not lose his money.

In addition, the odds for such bets are usually higher than those of the type of bets where you need to guess that the team will not lose (bet 1x or x2).

The disadvantages of the zero handicap include low odds relative to the bet on the victory of one of the teams. In addition, this type of betting is not available in many sports.

Zero handicap bets are most often available for football, hockey, tennis, and American football. In other sports, they are much less common.


From all of the above, it follows that a bet on the victory of one of the teams, taking into account the handicap of 0, is a good opportunity for the player to play it safe and protect himself from losing if the result is a draw. This type of bet helps the player save money and avoid a big loss, so betting on a zero handicap is suitable for beginners who do not yet have much experience in betting. Before placing bets on a zero handicap, it is important to analyze the statistics well and evaluate the chances of both opponents.


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