What are the different types of Remote Control Cars?

Whether you are planning to buy a remote control car for yourself or your kid, you must choose among the different types of toy cars available in the market. As remote control cars have grown exponentially, many sellers are selling different types of RC cars like the RC drag car or RC Truggy. So to choose a high-quality car that suits you best, you must be extra careful. Before you start your research, you should know what all types of RC cars are there so that you decide which one to go for.


Different types of RC Cars

RC touring car

It is a type of on-road vehicle known as a touring automobile that is appropriate for concrete, asphalt, or carpet use. This type of car features four wheels and a completely independent suspension system with an upper and lower control arm. The chassis is designed with a lower and upper deck to prevent bending, and most enthusiasts choose rubber tires.


RC Buggy

A remote control buggy is an all-terrain vehicle suitable for rough terrain, muddy stretches, gravel, and other surfaces. If you still don’t have a preference for the particular kinds, this is an excellent option. The buggy can handle off-road terrains, as evidenced by its lengthy shock absorber and its tires are thinner than those of monster trucks.


RC Crawler

It is an off-road vehicle suited for climbing uneven surfaces, mainly gravel and “mountains.” The RC crawler is skilled at tackling rugged terrain because of its modest speed.


RC drag cars

A rapidly expanding subset of the RC hobby is drag racing. You must buy it if you are fond of racing cars and want to upgrade your car collection. This type is perfect for people who are fond of sleek, good-looking, and fast cars.


RC Truggy

Truggies are similar to buggies, except they were explicitly designed to be used off-road. They have tires from a monster truck and a buggy frame. These vehicles are the second-slowest off-road and third-fastest RC cars on roads.


RC cars can also be differentiated based on these three criteria:- 

●      Electric

Electric RC cars are the most popular type of remote control vehicle because they’re easy to maintain and repair. You don’t have to spend tons of money replacing parts when something breaks down (like your carburetor). Electric RCs also tend to be cheaper than gas-powered ones; most people purchase them for less than $100 on Amazon or another online store. If your budget is tight, but you still want an exciting hobby or activity that will keep you entertained outside with friends or family members—or by yourself—then this is the way forward.

●      Nitro

Nitro cars are powered by a fuel mixture that is ignited when compressed, usually in a separate combustion chamber. These cars use nitromethane or methanol as fuel and will have to be refueled regularly. Nitro RC cars are also known as fuel cars or gas cars. They are known to be fast and expensive (this can vary depending on the model).


●      Gas

Gas-powered RC cars are more expensive than electric ones but are also faster and more durable. Your gas-powered ride is perfect for beginners who want a realistic experience or hobbyists who want to tinker with the inner workings of their vehicles. While nitro engines should be used only with extreme caution, gas cars are easy to use and operate safely on various terrains. The only downside is that you’ll have to fill up on fuel before long drives.



If you want to buy a racing car, an RC drag car would be the best for you. But if you need an off-road car, you can use an RC crawler or RC Truggy car. Choose your type carefully to enjoy the experience of remote control cars without any hurdles.


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