What Are the Different Type of Background Checks? (Brief Guide)

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Employers and landlords are typically the first to come to mind when considering background checks. Background checks, however, are a valuable tool for anyone who wishes to get more information about another person in their life.

The process can be complicated, and there are a lot of variations from one type of check to another. This article will examine the different background checks available to companies and individuals.

Different Types of Background Checks

There are a wide range of reasons someone may want to investigate another person through background checks or online people searches. Background checks verify identities, check criminal records, ascertain an individual’s level of credit, and confirm an educational background. The following are the most common checks being used today.

Criminal Record Checks

Criminal record checks are most commonly done by employers looking for workers around sensitive or vulnerable people or material. The criminal record check will show previous run-ins with the law or lack thereof and show any felonies or misdemeanors that are on a person’s record.

Motor Vehicle Report

If an individual is applying for a position that will have them driving a business vehicle, they will need to have their driving record checked before employment. The motor vehicle report shows a person’s license, traffic violations, and accident reports. If you plan to apply for a driving position, keeping a tidy driving record is essential to be considered a top candidate.

Credit Check

Credit checks will give the interested party a detailed list of a person’s credit history. This check includes bankruptcies, collections, payment history, and a brief employment history. While a poor credit check is not as damaging as a lengthy criminal record, it can exclude candidates from some employment opportunities as it reflects poorly on the individual.

Identity Verification

Due to the relatively easy ability to steal another individual’s identity and personal information, employers are recommended to perform identity verifications. This verification ensures that potential candidates are who they say they are and not using more qualified individuals’ credentials. This check will show a person’s name, social security, birth date, home address, and more.

Educational Background Check

Some jobs have notable educational requirements that are necessary for individuals to be employed. Because of the importance of specific diplomas or certificates, an educational background check will verify that an applicant has received their listed diplomas, degrees, or certifications.

Electronic Background Check

Through systems like E-verify, employers can check digital applicants for authenticity simply and easily. The process is easy and can be performed by employees and employers, helping applicants ensure that the information they enter is authentic and honest. If an applicant fails this background check, they are allowed to contest the result of the check.

Security Clearance Check

A security clearance check is for people working in sensitive parts of the government and requires multiple pre-employment screenings. These include fingerprint checks, a potential interview with a government worker, a criminal record check, and more. The security clearance check is a requirement for employment in several government positions and may be lengthy.

Brief Summary of Background Checks

There are a lot of different qualifications that come into play when looking for a job, home, or loan. While a job hiring bank tellers may not require a motor vehicle report, a criminal record check is essential. To pass the various background checks you will experience throughout your life, ensure that the information you provide is authentic and on record.

For employers, conducting background checks is a non-negotiable part of the hiring process. Failure to do so can result in losses of income, potential lawsuits, and much more. Some checks, such as an applicant’s educational background, may take longer than others. Because of this, it is crucial to get through the checks early in the hiring process.

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