What Are The Best Foods To Cook In An Air Fryer?

From healthier snacks to indulgent sweet treats, the air fryer is a versatile cooking tool that could completely change the way you eat food.

They are a quick and efficient way to cook your favorite foods while only using a fraction of the oil that a deep fryer requires. In fact, one of the greatest parts of an air fryer is this ability to help you indulge in your favorite foods but with a reduced fat intake!

Learning about all the different foods that you can cook in an air fryer is a pretty impossible task. However, we’ve done the hard work for you by narrowing down the best foods you can cook in an air fryer.


Bagel Bites

Granted, this may not be the first thing you think of cooking when faced with this appliance. But cooking bagel bites in an air fryer is a quick and tasty crowd-pleasing treat that you just cannot miss out on! If you’re not sure where to start, you can check out a guide to warming bagel bites air fryer for the perfect bagel bites every time.



Bacon is a delicious air fryer option! Not only does this mess-free method take around a fraction of the time of cooking it on the stove, but it will also result in the bacon being much leaner. This results in a crispier and slightly healthier treat that you can enjoy at any time of the day!

French Fries

Air fryer French fries provide you with all the great taste of your guiltiest pleasure – with a crisp exterior and a fluffy inside – but without the additional calories of the oil that you’d get if you deep-fried them. Plus, cooking French fries in an air fryer takes less time and effort than other methods of cooking. What’s not to love?

Chicken Wings

Fried chicken wings can be a delicious treat to indulge in. However, they can also make a huge mess. By putting chicken wings into the air fryer you are not only simplifying this overall cooking process but are ensuring that you get to enjoy the crispiness of its deep-fried counterpart, too!


Stuffed Peppers

For a healthier option, you can try making stuffed peppers in your air fryer. You must cook the peppers in the air fryer basket until they are tender (this will usually take around 12 minutes) and then add some cheese and heat up for a couple of additional minutes.


Burgers And Patties

With a quick cooking time, burger patties are juicy, and tasty, and provide the perfect base for a slice of your favorite cheese. Prepare your patty your favorite way and then open the air fryer basket and use a spatula to flip your burgers over. When it’s cooked, feel free to load your burger up with your preferred toppings!



If you think scallops are only special occasion food, you’re sorely mistaken! These can be eaten at any time of day on any day of the year. You can make scallops in under ten minutes — or until they turn lightly golden brown at the edges and are cooked through the middle.



Air fryer donuts are made with less oil than deep-fried donuts meaning they will dry out much quicker. In an air fryer, you must take care to make sure both sides of the donuts are golden brown. Though donuts aren’t the healthiest treat to eat, air fryer donuts are generally much lower in fat than store-bought ones. This means you can enjoy this sweet treat without any worry.



When making tofu, it’s important to give it time to develop crispy edges and a soft inside. This would typically require you to heat up lots of oil which could be quite messy. With an air fryer, however, you can achieve perfectly golden tofu in no time at all without the additional mess or risk of overcooking.



For a delicious meal in a pinch, try cooking salmon in your air fryer! It only takes around ten minutes to do so, and the heat of the air fryer will help you to get a perfectly tender inside with a delightfully crisp top crust every single time.



In short, air fryers do a lot more than simply heat up frozen foods like French fries. If you’re looking to eat something delicious, these are some of the best foods you can make in your air fryer.











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