Western Wear Staple: What Sets Ariat Apart from the Rest?

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If we were to explain the craze about Western wear in a few words it would come down to nouns like quality, durability, and comfort. Although Western clothes and footwear weren’t intended for wear away from the countryside and the harsh outdoor working conditions, it’s because of their specific unmatched quality, durability, and comfort that they appealed to the wider clientele.

Such is the case with Ariat, the famous American brand that’s successfully managed to mix these three compounds for three decades already – all with the right dose of style. Whether looking for timeless Ariat western wear like casual or dressy tops, bottoms, outerwear, or virtually indestructible footwear, the brand can cover all the outfit needs of people on both sides of the Atlantic.


What’s the Reason Behind the Brand’s Success?

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Considering we live in a world with fast fashion and trends that change in the blink of an eye, it’s natural to be curious about a successful story as in the case of Ariat. To understand it, we ought to go back to their very beginning.

Deeply rooted in the country lifestyle with a connection to horse riding and raising thoroughbred horses, founder Beth Cross teamed up with co-founder Pam Parker to create the first equestrian boots in combination with athletic footwear technology back in 1992. This helped create the ideal riding boots that were the right combination of functionality and stability, something they still maintain with their footwear.

Thus, they set the ground for the worldwide success known as Ariat (pronounced Eur-ree-Uht), a name inspired by the racehorse Secretariat that won the Kentucky Derby and the American Triple Crown in 1973. Even though the company was sold to the founders of Gap Ltd, the Fisher family in 2012, they still maintain the brand true to its origins.

So, besides the iconic and high-end riding collection, they have to this day, they also boast utilitarian workwear, inspired Ariat western wear pieces and traditional denim designs fit for everyday use that you can easily find from authorised retailers and stores near you.

To be able to create products that stand the test of time, they implement a global sourcing strategy that helps locate the best fabric suppliers and manufacturers when it comes to quality, allowing them to not only operate from the USA but also from Europe, Asia, and Mexico. And that’s not all, as the brand’s also famous for:


Working with a Deep Respect for Nature

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Prioritising the appreciation for the planet has made the brand focused on finding the most sustainable solutions and practices for its designs and manufacturing. These values have especially been received with praise by the general public that’s easily turned into loyal customers.

This can be seen by their careful sourcing of materials, from fabrics like wool and down from respectful suppliers that maintain their operation to the highest of standards – the Five Freedoms, to leather sustainably sourced and developed as per the Leather Working Group environmental standards.

Some of the denim used for the classic Ariat jeans is also praise-worthy, as it’s used in such a way as to benefit the wearer and the environment and not only serve for the sake of fashion. For example, their H2Lo collection is based on creating denim using 50% less water than traditional denim manufacturing practices.

In terms of features, the Loop Lock® reinforced belt loop and the no-chafe inseams are two amazing examples characteristic of their jeans available in an array of designs and styles. They’re equally proud of their partnering with Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green™ recycling program that transforms your old denim into cotton fibre for housing insulation.

Some of their clothes also go through an ECODRY™ technology that’s implemented to protect you from the weather without it being at the expense of the environment. The trendy shoes also have something that eco-aware customers can pride themselves on when wearing them.

Let’s take the example of the Eco Ignite collection made up of foam for the soles that come from algae, much better for the environment than plastic that already overflows the landfills. Speaking of which, by choosing to boost your wardrobe with clothing and footwear pieces from this brand, you can also rest assured you won’t contribute to fashion that ends up as excess waste.

You have this guaranteed by the outstanding designs of the Ariat western wear and shoes that are made for use throughout the changing seasons and years, created to withstand the wear and tear you’d put them through with your lifestyle, athletic or work habits. When you choose Ariat, you get outfits that last!


Creating Footwear Unlike Any Other

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As a brand famous for its investment in craftsmanship and innovation, we see this perfectly implemented with its range of Ariat shoes created for performance. A great deal of thought goes into the creation of the design of each of the models, from the choice of the materials to the specific features and properties they have to be of utmost use to the wearer, while also providing the needed amount of comfort and style.

No matter whether you require boots for your equestrian or countryside needs, outdoor or farm work, or simply to showcase your love for the Western trend, you can choose from a vast array of models that have been put through in-depth testing to provide you with the very best. Some of the technologies they’re famous for include the Gore-Tex® and Waterproof Pro™ for the waterproofing of the outer layer to offer full protection from weather conditions.

However, this property doesn’t take a toll on the breathability of the shoes either, so you can count on an incredible interior environment that doesn’t add to sweating or odours. The Duratread™ is the outsole technology that helps with creating a unique rubber unlike any other, set to outlast them all, all the while being extremely flexible yet resistant so you get both ergonomics and stability every step of the way.

Ever dreamed of having the ideal footwear fit for all-day wear? Well, now you can get it because the Ariat footwear is made with mid-level ATS® technology. This stands for Advanced Torque Stability and as such offers unmatched comfort and stability set to improve your posture and reduce fatigue thanks to the support and cushioning you get from the ideally designed footbed.

When it comes to entry-level technology, you have the 4LR™ cushion bed, short for a four-layer rebound, utilised for the stability of the foot and combinations with different outsoles with specific uses. You also have plenty to choose from in terms of style and aesthetic features, besides design width, including wide fit for both men and women.

They equally amaze the kids’ range which has incredible wiggle room that provides additional space for the growing feet. With this in mind, it’s safe to say this is a brand that has something for everyone!


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