Wedding Fashion Trends 2022

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The days are getting warmer, and that means that wedding season is right around the corner. But it’s yet another year, and what we were doing last year is bound to be very different from what we’re doing today, for a lot of reasons.

Whether you’ve got your date set, or you’re just fantasizing after a wonderful first date, we’ve got the lowdown on the best bridal trends for 2022.

The dress

There are a lot of trends around the bridal dress this year, and they’re not all entirely about the look.

For example, there is an uptake in brides looking for sustainable options in their wedding dress. It’s hard to sell the idea of a wedding dress to the planet-conscious. It’s a lot of money and a lot of material and a lot of work for something you intend to wear once and never again. So it’s a good thing that brands are listening and are repurposing old fabric and sending dresses home in recyclable plastic.

But for the fun part, the 80’s are back in the form of larger than life sleeves. They were featured heavily in London’s Bridal Week and come detachable so they don’t get in the way of The Cha Cha Slide.

And there is a renewed love of bridal wear that is less modest and more risqué. The form-fitting bridal dress that creates a beautiful silhouette, the head to toe strategically laced pieces, and the thigh high slits are all revolutionizing what we think when we hear the word ‘bridal’.

Shaped diamonds on a slim band

The usual diamond cuts for rings aren’t about to change anytime soon, but their arrangement is going through a lot of change this year.

The biggest trend is to place your diamond on a thinner band, which really makes the gem itself pop on your finger and is likely to be a little more wallet friendly.

Oh, but the fashion fun doesn’t stop there. A few jewelers are setting their diamonds on a tilt, which offers a new look and even sold out from Jessica McCormack last year.

And we’d be remiss not to mention that the Art Deco style of the roaring 1920s is making a strong comeback for the 2020s. Geometric shapes and patterned designs are all the rage for engagement rings right now, and we’re willing to bet they’re here to stay..

The second (or third) dress

Channel your inner Lady Gaga at the Met Gala and swap out dress for dress throughout the night. You have something formal, but also very fluffy and not easy to move around in for the ceremony, and then when it’s time to cut a rug, you can slip into a shorter skirt, a simpler bodice or simply make another fashion statement.

Whether it’s to adhere to an identity, get inclusive, shun societal norms, or for the simple practicality, two-piece bridal wear is in and here to stay. An all-white slim fitting trouser and blazer set can make for a stylish switch out of your dress.

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