Weaving a Stylish Path: Textile Trends Redefining Fashion in the USA

From the cold, high peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii, the United States of America has great cultural and geographical variety. And this diversity is reflected in the fashion of the country: trendy cities like New York, Los Angeles and, of course, the city of Miami, each have their own slant on what it means to be fashionable. The average consumer spends roughly $1700 on clothes each year, so let’s make sure you’re selecting the best fabrics to make your main street the catwalk, by taking a closer look at what kind of textiles are popular in the most fashionable towns in the USA.

Miami: Acclimatizing to the year-round heat

Miami’s warm weather all year round means the preference is always going to be for thinner fabrics which can withstand the sun. Floral guipure cotton lace, which combines the elegance of lace with the levity of cotton, could be a good option for formal occasions in the sweltering summer months. Lighter colors to avoid absorbing too much heat might also be a good idea. Clever suit cuts means you can effectively wear lighter shades like cream and beige on work outfits more usually associated with darker colors.

New York: Cold but creative

Style in New York is quite a different kettle of fish. The harsh winter climate, with temperatures an average of only around 37 degrees Fahrenheit on a typical January day, means it’s best to choose fabrics which can withstand the cold. This is whether you’re a New York native or a fashionable high flyer just visiting the city. Wool in a neutral color provides a great all-around fail-safe for everyday items like warm coats, and worsted wool, in particular, has greater durability compared to its knitted counterpart.
However, when it comes to fashion, New Yorkers prefer an eclectic mix of colors and fabrics. Hitting the street around New York fashion week, it’s not uncommon to see unusual fabric combinations like patterned furs layered with multicolored, chunky knits, or clashing colors like pink and red in the same outfit. But here’s an interesting recent trend that New Yorkers fell in love with – blank apparel. One of the reasons why they took to it in no time, is because this type of clothes serves as a blank canvas on which they can print whatever they’d like. The only thing to keep in mind is quality of course, because good fabric is everything when it comes to comfy clothing – as leading professionals in the industry – SpectraUSA would attest.

Los Angeles: Living a laidback lifestyle

Los Angeles’ hippie heritage has translated into its textile preferences today. Many natives opt for flowy fabrics, manifesting themselves in boho-chic maxi dresses or skirts. These are often in fabrics which reflect the tropical climate of the city. Others, led by the most famous of LA natives, the Kardashians, go for the casual look by sticking to the sporty uniform of leggings and sneakers.

East Coast, West Coast or Southeastern Coast?

Miami seamlessly combines refined tastes with all-year-round tropical climate, while New York embraces all the seasons and many different flavors of fashion. In comparison, Los Angeles keeps it cool and casual by making laidback wear like maxi dresses wardrobe staples. Whatever city suits your style best, make sure you have the best fabric in which you can feel comfy.
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