Forget YouTube Make-up Tutorials: These are 10 Life-Saving Hacks You Need to Try!


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Getting sucked into the YouTube makeup tutorial vortex can be an exercise in wondering how exactly you managed to spend so much time watching makeup be applied. Did I really just sit here for five hours? Uh oh. So claw yourself some of that time back and just check out these quick and dirty hacks instead.

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1. Contour your nose with an eyebrow pencil 

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Powders are inexact and creams can be fiddly, which is why we love this easy hack. Eyebrow pencils are the perfect size tip to really get in there for a precise contour, plus come in a wider range of browns than most contouring collections.


2. The heart highlight

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Keeping in step with our nose tips comes this next one. Instead of your typical ball of highlight on the end of your nose, try out a little love heart. You’ll see that it gives a little more of an upturned look which is hitting fashion circles around the world. Don’t forget to blend so you don’t look too doll-like.


3. Blot those lips

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When did we collectively forget that blotting was a thing? Has Clueless taught us nothing over the years? For lipstick staying power and to ensure it stays off other people’s cheeks, blotting is essential. Blotting paper is acceptable, as are good old tissues. Even better? A bit of powder, like you set your liquid foundation. Blot after each coat if you’re doing more than one.


4. Lip liner instead of lipstick

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Lip liner is another good trick to keep the color on your lips and have it stay all day and night. Why head into lipstick territory if you don’t have to? Finish off a fully lip-lined lip with a slick of gloss to keep it looking fresh.


5. Learn your eye shape for winged liner

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Size (and dimensions!) matter. If you can’t seem to get that perfect winged liner look, it’s just because you haven’t yet figured out the best technique for your eye shape. It pays to find your perfect eye twin MUA on social media and check out the technique that they use.


6. Eye shadow makes for a toned-down eyeliner

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For those days when you feel like eyeliner is a little too much for your look, try switching it up by using a darker shade of eyeshadow as a liner. Here, you can try using a squared off brush or one with a very fine tip. 


7. Highlight around your brows

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Make gorgeous brows really pop by adding highlight around both the top and bottom. You can use anything you like here really; pencil, cream, or powder. Just stay awake from the shimmer shades unless you’re trying to achieve a disco diva aesthetic. 


8. Go lighter by DIY tinting your moisturizer

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Sometimes a full face of foundation is just too much but you feel a bit bare just with moisturizer. Because it’s tricky to find a good tinted moisturizer (shout out companies, keep trying!), you can make your own by adding some of your foundation to your moisturizer. It’s a great daily look with not too much effort involved.


9. Contour the chest

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While it’s a little much for your everyday routine, contouring and adding highlight to both your breasts and your collarbones can make for a glam look for a special occasion. Just remember to use a good setting spray so that the coloring doesn’t wind up staining your clothes as it can be tricky and in some cases impossible to get out. You don’t want to accidentally ruin that expensive dress in just one wear!


10. Contour with self-tanner when you’re tanning

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For lasting facial contour, when you’re self-tanning, apply the tan to your face in the areas you usually contour with a small sponge, along with a very light sweep over the rest of your face too. This is a great one to help save time in the mornings with your makeup routine! If you mess it up, no dramas. Just go a little heavy on the foundation until it wears off.

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