Ways to save money when travelling in Nairobi, Kenya

Travelling on a budget, whether on a business trip or vacation, you’ll find many ways to save money on your quests.

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, is a tourist and business hub that’s well connected. You can easily catch a flight, train, bus, or taxi to get there. With the competitive real estate, well-established business arena, and rich culture, you’ll find fantastic accommodation, food, and everything you need for your stay. So, back to the money part, what are some ways you can save money when travelling to Nairobi, Kenya?

Plan ahead

Regardless of your destination, travelling in a rush always sets you up for an expensive adventure. Planning means you can comfortably pack and ensure you have everything you need while avoiding bulky luggage that’ll cost you more and cause significant inconvenience. You also get a chance to scour through offerings, capture the best deals, and pick an ideal travel time such as off-peak when you won’t pay a fortune for transport, accommodation, or shopping, among other aspects. So take your time, do the homework, and plan a cost-effective itinerary, and you’ll save money while making your Nairobi travels more productive.


Are you flying to Nairobi? It is convenient, but once you get there, ditch the fancy means. Instead, travel through Nairobi like a local; the popular public transportation, known as Matatus, ply virtually every route in the area. You can even opt for quick and affordable means like Boda Boda over taxis for short distances. Trains are also available; you need to establish the routes and timing. Transport is among the recurrent expenses you’ll have to finance as you travel, and once you opt for the cheaper public means, you’ll save a lot more that can be used in other areas.


Accommodation is the other costly travelling expense you can significantly reduce by keeping an open mind. Nairobi is a hot real estate market. You’ll find all types of properties for sale, rent, or lease. Read more here for a detailed view of the properties available in the region. As you pick an ideal accommodation, budget-savvy travellers no longer limit their options to traditional hotels. Airbnbs, camping, and apartments, especially when travelling as a group, both with family or friends, offer more convenience and budget accommodation. Apartments, for example, allow you to live under one roof and maintain a form of normalcy, such as considering the meals and cleaning. Be open to more options like home exchanges, free accommodation that typically involves paying by doing some chores, or overnight travels, to name a few options.


You need food, but are airport menus or fancy hotels and restaurants the go-to? Such options can cost you more money. As you look for budget food, going local is recommendable. Eat from the local joints and street vendors. Besides saving money, this is a chance to taste the local cuisine in the most unspoiled state. Your Nairobi tour can’t be complete without sampling local cuisine; with the local joints, you can mark it off your list. You can also opt to make your meals, especially with budget accommodation options like apartments. Shop the groceries from the local markets, saving more money.


You’ve found a fantastic souvenir, but how much should you pay for it? Shopping, especially on open markets, is a chance to exercise your haggling skills. You’d be surprised how low the vendor is willing to go with just a little push. So don’t be afraid to bargain as you pick those gifts and souvenirs.

Free attraction sites

Exploring the magical Nairobi doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on the attraction sites. Instead, find the cheap end or free sites. Some are equally entertaining, and you can learn much more as you interact with the locals.

Travelling to busy Kenya’s capital can be overwhelming and costly. Nonetheless, with a few tips highlighted above, you can comfortably navigate the city, save more money, and discover more, allowing you to create unforgettable experiences.

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