Vintage Sapphire & Other Rings for the Everyday Retro Lover

Vintage sapphire rings capture the beauty, elegance, and craftsmanship of bygone eras. Many modern materials can be used to craft them while giving the effect of antique pieces. Royal households to fashion celebrities alike appreciate vintage & antique sapphire rings – they add sophistication and value. Explore the following popular designs for timeless styles you will fall in love with.

Blue Sapphire Ring

Blue sapphire rings have long been associated with symbolizing loyalty and sincerity, making them the ideal engagement ring to mark commitment. Furthermore, sapphires are natural birthstones for September as well as being associated with the zodiac sign Virgo. Diamond’s remarkable strength (9 on the Mohs scale) and striking color have long made it popular, including use as kings’ crowns, royal tiaras, and watch bearings.

Many online pieces available feature antique and vintage sapphire rings from different eras, such as Art Deco ( which features geometric designs influenced by Egyptian, Asian, and Native American jewelry. Fancy-colored sapphires such as pink, violet, yellow, or rare natural star sapphire rings showcase this optical phenomenon known as asterism for engagement rings with plenty of color options for engagement rings or engagement bands.

Sapphire’s sky-blue hue earned it the name “royal precious stone” during the 14th century when it became an alternative to diamond engagement rings among royal families and noblemen. Since then, sapphires have remained popular and today rank among the most valuable gemstones within the corundum family of gemstones.

Pink Sapphire Ring

Pink sapphires have long been revered as symbols of love and romance, revered as timeless representations of commitment. Believed to promote peace between lovers while increasing truthfulness in relationships as well as amplifying passion and courage in wearers, vintage sapphire rings that are pink embody feminine beauty. This makes them an excellent option as sophisticated yet meaningful diamond alternatives.

Pink sapphires can be cut into various shapes. Popular options for cutting include oval, round, and cushion cuts as well as more unusual designs like teardrops and show-stopping emerald cuts. Pink sapphires may also be left unfaceted for an effortless finish and become cabochons for even smoother finishes.

Pink sapphires are less costly than diamonds and provide couples with an affordable choice when creating custom jewelry pieces for themselves or as heirlooms that will retain value over time.

Due to their hardiness, sapphires make an excellent everyday wear option; however, like all gemstones, they do need regular care and cleaning. Jewelers recommend using warm water, mild soap (never detergents), and lint-free cloth for regular cleaning of pink sapphire rings. In addition, an annual professional inspection and maintenance service should also be completed to ensure safe use.

Green Sapphire Ring

Sapphires come in an assortment of hues, and while blue sapphires remain the most sought-after, green ones can also be quite captivating. Ethiopia boasts this exceptional 8.72-carat step-cut octagonal natural unheated green sapphire which stands out with exceptional color, clarity, and depth: making this rare gem an incredible and lasting addition to any collection.

Green sapphires pair beautifully with white gold, as their vivid hue pairs beautifully with its shimmer. While they can be set in different styles such as halo or pave settings, emerald-cut green sapphire rings also work beautifully as they display this stunning gemstone beautifully when framed by diamond clusters – a great solution if budget constraints prohibit more elaborate designs.

Gemini and Virgo people often wear green sapphires to symbolize wisdom and clarity, helping with decision-making by aiding us to see the bigger picture and find solutions to problems more easily.

Ruby Ring

A ruby ring symbolizes love and passion at their most profound levels. As the July birthstone, rubies represent devotion, desire, and everlasting affection – making this the ideal wedding band or anniversary present to symbolize what’s truly important about your relationship.

Ruby rings make for beautiful engagement and anniversary presents or commemorative gifts of milestones in one or more ways, featuring vibrant colors and exquisite beauty. Perfect as engagement or anniversary rings, or when combined with other gemstones in beautiful designs.

Ruby rings like these are famed for their vibrant red hue, often described as “pigeon’s blood.” Their name comes from Latin for red: ruber; this beautiful gem has long been considered a symbol of love and commitment since being used as the centerpiece stone in rings. When worn as such, its alluring hue draws the eye while its lustrous shine glistens and sparkles brilliantly.

Rubies make an eye-catching accent stone or pave band in rings traditionally styled in white or yellow gold. Additionally, their color adds vibrancy when combined with other gemstones – they pair particularly well with platinum!

Rubies are celebrated gemstones renowned for their beauty. Each stone possesses unique inclusions that contribute to its individual charm and add depth and dimension. Furthermore, these imperfections reflect each gem’s history and provenance and further contribute to its lasting allure.

Rose Gold Cushion Reddish Orange Sapphire Ring

This exquisite sapphire ring stands out from the competition thanks to its rich tones and will inspire passion and creativity. Boasting an orange sapphire center stone surrounded by twenty-four sparkling diamond accents in 14k white gold, this piece stands out from its peers. Perfect for everyday wear or elegant evening ensembles alike!

This exquisite natural no heat reddish orange sapphire ring is an absolute must-have for collectors of heirloom-quality gemstones. Set in an eye-catching cushion cut and accented by a baguette diamond halo, its vibrant sapphire displays incredible hardness (second only to diamond on the Mohs scale) while remaining beautiful against its gold setting’s timeless elegance.

When purchasing a sapphire ring, its cut should be of particular consideration as this will have a substantial effect on its appearance and sparkle. Common sapphire cuts include round, oval, and cushion shapes – so choose one that best reflects your personal style while complementing other jewelry pieces you own.

Sapphire rings have long held a special place in the hearts of fine jewelry enthusiasts worldwide, from romantic feelings expression to symbolizing loyalty or denoting affiliation with religious orders since medieval times. Nowadays they’re loved for both their strength and beauty – many online companies offer both antique and modern iterations of this precious piece in their inventories, so look around.

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