US online gaming predictions for 2024

Online gaming remains popular in the US and many other countries, with millions of enthusiasts playing a wide range of games daily. The online gaming niche offers gamers various entertaining options; gamers arguably now have the highest quality games built with modern technologies. Yet, 2024 presents a significant opportunity for the global gaming landscape to embrace new technologies and reach new heights.

From increased adoption of cryptocurrencies to proactive cybersecurity teams, here are the top 2024 predictions for online gaming in the US:

Continued dominance of mobile gaming

We expect mobile gaming platforms to dominate the online landscape ahead of desktop versions. The convenience and flexibility of smartphones and other mobile devices are the primary reasons why they dominate online gaming. Mobile gaming revenue will hit $455.30bn by 2024, up from $176.06bn in 2023. Increasing internet penetration is another reason that mobile gaming will increase in 2024; as more people get smartphones globally, they’ll explore entertainment products. Free-to-play and play-to-earn (P2E) games also contribute to the increased adoption of mobile gaming. Many smartphone users who have never played mobile games are now interested in gaming, and they have the opportunity to earn in-game or fiat rewards. We also expect more idle and first-person action games in 2024.

Exciting rewards and promotions

Promotions are a huge part of online gaming, especially in the iGaming niche, where players would welcome more leverage. Sweepstakes casinos, for instance, offer a range of attractive bonuses that help players settle in and increase their gaming bankroll. Casinos offer gaming bonuses through promotions and special campaigns. Gaming rewards will play a bigger role in attracting gamers in 2024, but we also expect an increase in winnings as games leverage their bonuses. We expect attractive no-deposit bonuses for sweepstake casinos, maximum deposit-match bonuses with some exceeding 400% and cash prizes for gamers this year.

Cashless and digital payments

Cashless transactions have become more than just a trend; they have become a way of life for individuals and businesses. The increasing adoption of cryptocurrency in online gaming provides a seamless lifestyle for gamers, and we expect more online gaming providers to integrate modern payment technologies for faster and more manageable payments. Modern digital payments also enhance online gaming security. We expect to see a shift towards adopting safer and more stable payment solutions that combine the advantages of traditional and modern financial services. We’ll also have more cross-border solutions to enhance access to gaming platforms, allowing more gamers from remote areas to access games they couldn’t previously access.

Increased penetration rate and revenue

Video game penetration in the US rose from 51.02% in 2019 to 57.12% in 2023 and will hit 65.5% by 2029. Gaming revenue is also expected to increase, with projections of $666.70bn by 2029. We expect more online gamers in the US, with diversified income sources across the US. Increased affiliate activities will drive this growth, especially in the iGaming niche, where licensed operators can offer diverse games. Increased revenues mean that we can expect an increase in the tax revenues generated from the gaming industry; iGaming tax revenues may rival the business revenues of some small states in the US.

AI, AR and VR to feature more

We expect AI to play more roles in online gaming, helping gamers enhance their decisions and assisting in securing gaming platforms. There’ll be more investments in AI for gaming and increased adoption of AR and VR to provide increased satisfaction. Google, Meta and other giants are leading the development of VR headsets. As gamers adopt technologies that improve their experiences, we can expect to find more dependence on cloud gaming, such as Google’s and Microsoft’s, to meet growing demand. These technologies are expected to make 2024 a fascinating and important year for online gaming.

Proactive cybersecurity measures

The safety of games and gaming providers remains a priority, and that’s why cybersecurity trends will shape the gaming niche in 2024. Cyber-attacks cost US businesses billions in financial losses and even more in unquantifiable data and reputational damages in 2023, so there’s a shift to adopt more proactive measures to prevent damages. We expect to see increased use of natural language processing (NLP) and AI to analyze gamers’ behaviors and explore potential weaknesses in security systems.

Entry of mega corporations and companies

The increased competition in iGaming is no coincidence, given its projected revenues. We expect more prominent players to enter the market and edge out smaller competitors. Netflix already has a gaming service, while Amazon, Meta, Google and Microsoft may give each other a run in the industry in the coming years. While this will benefit gamers due to improved gaming products and services, expanding the esports market is another reason to anticipate these events.

Intensified efforts against illegal gambling

In 2023, the US authorities successfully shut down thousands of “skill machines” and illegal gambling operations in several states and have demonstrated their commitment to tackling illegal gambling in 2024. We expect more efforts to track and shut down such facilities, both online and in physical locations, as authorities look to build on their 2023 momentum. We expect more targeted campaigns to drive this message across the US. Bill Miller, president and CEO of the American Gaming Association, will push policymakers to take further actions to combat illegal gambling in the US.

Stricter gaming regulations

In close relation to the above, we expect stricter enforcement of gaming regulations, especially in areas such as limit-setting tools, advertising requirements and player notifications. Gaming authorities want to see platforms encouraging their customers to use limit-setting tools to manage their gambling habits. Responsible gaming will also take a more critical place in the industry as experts push to develop strategies and solutions that are inclusive, meaningful and long-lasting.

Enjoy your favorite online games in 2024

Whether you play for fun or to win amazing prizes, you’ll have your pick of games with modern technologies to enhance the experience. Despite its successes, the gaming industry has massive potential, and we’ll be here to witness the exciting trends shaping the industry in 2024 and beyond.

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