Understanding Smiley Piercing

A smiley piercing is also known as a gum piercing. It is used to describe different kinds of personalities, just as it is with other types of piercings. You can decide to get a piercing at any part of the body based on different driving factors. When getting any kind of piercing, it is important to take time to learn what you expect from the time you book the appointment, during the appointment, and after.


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The gum piercing is done on a specifically sensitive part of the body, making it important to learn what is expected of you. The kind of piercing you choose represents your personality, making it important to consider your personality and everyday lifestyle before getting a specific piercing. Learn more about the smiley piercing below.


  1. What Exactly is a Gum Piercing

The smiley piercing, which also known as the gum is piercing, is the kind of piercing done on the frenulum. The frenulum is the flap that connects the upper lip with the upper gum in the mouth. The frenulum is a thin connector and you can actually feel it using your tongue.

The piece of jewelry that is put on the piercing is usually not visible until one smiles hence the name smiley. The piercing is a good option if you like showing off your smile and want to spice it up by adding a specific piece of jewelry.


  1. Who Can Get a Gum Piercing

Everyone can get a gum piercing as long as they have put the decision into consideration and figured out that it is a nice option. There are only a few limitations when it comes to getting a gum piercing or any other sort of mouth piercing.

These limitations are strictly restricted to what your dentist will say based on your oral health. Definitely, if your dentist thinks that getting a piercing will harm your oral health as a person, he will advise you against it.

Some of the instances that won’t allow you to get a gum piercing to include having braces, gum diseases, and a very small frenulum size, among other factors.


  1. The Cost of Gum Piercing

The cost of getting any kind of piercing is determined by several factors. There is no specific price for getting the smiley piercing, but the usual range is between 30 USD and 100 USD. The price may be anything within that range upon putting the different factors into consideration.

Some of the factors that affect the pricing include the jewelry used, the level of service you get, and the location of your artist, among others. Do not go for cheap materials because the materials you use are very important when it comes to oral hygiene, which is important for gum piercing.


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  1. The Piercing Process

The process of getting the piercing may be a different experience for different people. This is because the materials used and the procedure followed may not be exactly the same for everyone.

The procedur,e is not very long and should not be technically complicated. After you had a screening with your dentist and have approved that your oral health is good to get the piercing, the next step is visiting the specialist.

The specialist will pick a day for the procedure. Upon reporting, you will first receive the antibacterial solution to get rid of any bacteria that could be present in your mouth. This is important to minimize the chances of bacterial manifestation on your piercing.

The second step is fixating on the upper lip to give access to the frenulum tissue where the piercing goes.

The piercer will next sterilize the piercing materials which is a very important step to minimize the chances of infections. The final step will be placing the jewelry you selected and crewing some beads to hold the jewelry in place.


  1. Does the Procedure Hurt

Different people have different levels of experiencing pain. Any piercing comes with a certain level of pain but the pain does not last for long.

You will only experience the pain when the needle is penetrating since the frenulum is a sensitive area and the pain immediately minimizes when the needle is removed. If you continue to experience a lot of pain several days after you get your smiley piercing you should consider getting it checked.


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