Ultimate Study Guide for CompTIA Security+ Exam Preparation from Exam-Labs

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing sectors of the IT world.

There are lots of job opportunities available for professionals who are skilled and capable of finding out solutions of the evolving cyberattacks such as you can find at ADUK GmbH Company.

Having a certification that is trusted by employers all over the world not only enable you to represent your credentials but also encourages you to keep pace with the latest trends and techniques. That’s why thousands of cybersecurity professionals have enrolled in comptia network+ training and obtained the Security+ certification.

Why CompTIA Security+ is Worth Getting?

The CompTIA Security+ is aninternationally recognized credential that gives recognition of skills required to perform different cybersecurity tasks.

It’s highly valued by employees as it proves that you possess top-notch practical skills in cybersecurity. This enables a Security+ certified professional to identify a variety of security issues as well as use hands-on skills to troubleshoot and solve them. The credential gives you the opportunity to become Systems Administrator, Security Engineer/Consultant/Specialist/Administrator, Network Administrator or Penetration Tester. With the Security+ certification, your annual average salary will be about $72,000 and it’s not the limit.


CompTIA also ensures that the Security+ certification exam syllabus keeps pace with the new techniques and trends of threat management, intrusion detection, and risk mitigation. Besides, this certification maintains DoD 8570 and ISO 17024 standards. So, Security+ certified professionals can work on any DoD system. This gives them the freedom to work with any government or private organization.

CompTIA Security+ Exam Details

To become CompTIA Security+ certified, candidates need to pass SY0-501 exam. It contains a maximum of 90 questions that are to be done within 90 minutes.

The questions asked are of multiple-choice and performance-based. You need to score at least 750 out of 900 to pass the exam. The exam will cost you $339 USD.

So, let’s see which skills the CompTIA SY0-501 exam tests. They are:

      • Installing and configuring applications to protect devices and network
      • Detecting and mitigating threats
      • Performing different risk mitigation activities
      • Know the relevantlaws, regulations, and policies while performing security tasks

Tasks You Will Be Able to Perform

The CompTIA Security+ focuses on validating basic skills to perform core cybersecurity tasks.

So, after getting certified, you will be able to perform the following security tasks with confidence and integrity:

      • Ensuring security of an organization by installing, configuring and deploying network components
      • Detecting and troubleshooting security issues
      • Understanding vulnerability scanning concepts and penetration testing
      • Implementing secure system design and network architecture
      • Installing and configuring user access services and management controls
      • Implementing best practices for risk management
      • Ensuring wireless security and implementing PKI


Preparing for the Exam

CompTIA has designed the Security+ exam in a way so that only well-prepared candidates can pass it. Besides, the exam price is not a small one. Therefore, it is mandatory to have good command over all the topics covered in SY0-501 exam syllabus before taking the test.

Creating a study plan and collecting necessary materials are the first two things to do while preparing for the test. Many websites can be found on the internet offering study materials for the Security+ exam preparation. But you should only use the websites that are reliable.

Below we will discuss two sources that you can rely on:

CompTIA: CompTIA offers training options to help candidates with their exam preparation. The training options are:

      • A Study guide
      • eLearning
      • Exam Prep
      • A training program led by instructors

You can choose one of these options that fit your learning style or use a combination of two or more options.

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Certification Study Guide:This study guide has been created to help you plan your preparation process effectively. It contains the topics that are covered in the exam and guide you in learning the material step by step. Some of the topics you need to be proficient in include various risk mitigation techniques, practices to respond to security issues, the fundamentals of installing and configuring cybersecurity measures.

Besides, candidates are expected to have the following knowledge and skills:

      • Know the basic computer hardware
      • Able to use Windows OS
      • Know basic network terminologies like topology, OSI Model, TCP/IP, switches and routers, and Ethernet.
      • Understanding troubleshooting tools and core protocols

The CompTIA Security+ Study Guide is available as an eBook and in print. Note, that CompTIA recommends candidates to gain the Network+ certification before getting the Security+ credential, and have at least 2 years of working experience in IT administration focusing on cybersecurity in order to get the most out of the study guide.

eLearning:This is an interactive program known as CertMaster Learn. It combines instructional lessons with performance-based questions, a number of practice questions, and a final assessment to help candidates prepare for SY0-501 exam.

Exam Prep:This option includes CertMaster Practice, which is an educational tool designed to make your preparation better. It helps candidates to gain knowledge and prepare for the exam at the same time.

Classroom Training:CompTIA Training Strategies Group is a training program led by instructors designed to help individuals with their preparation. They get the top-notch skills that help them pass their certification exam successfully.

Exam-Labs:Along with the material offered by CompTIA, we recommend you to search the internet for the optional one. For example, check for the most updated exam dumps available at Exam-Labs website. This online platform is considered by candidates as the most reliable. The vce exam files are available free of charge and uploaded by the real exam takers. For candidates who wish to get the verified questions and answers, Exam-Labs offers a premium bundle. For SY0-501 exam, it will cost you $39.97. This package includes 543 questions and answers, 121 lectures, and a study guide of 655 pages. In addition, on Exam-Labs website you’ll find a great collection of articles about the top IT certifications, tips on passing exams, and many other useful information. Note that, Exam-Labs always takes help from experts to verify the answers.


The CompTIA Security+ certification program is designed in a way to assist candidates to gain solid knowledge about cybersecurity as well as practical skills. Although it is an entry-level certification, you should be proficient in the topics it covers. So, if your aim is to become CompTIA Security+ certified, proper preparation for you is a must. Use the material offered by the vendor itself and Exam-Labs as well, and pass SY0-501 exam on your first try.

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