Tyler Cole

Tyler Cole

LA’s Tyler Cole is a multitalented songwriter, producer, and creative that has enjoyed viral success.

You’ve most likely heard the musician’s dulcet tones on the 2020 global hit, Meet Me At Our Spot. A song which was created by Tyler Cole alongside Willow Smith under the band name, The Anxiety. However, Cole is much more than just this one particular track. He’s a solo artist, singer-songwriter, producer, screenwriter, actor, and production company co-founder. Tyler has been involved within music as a singular artist all the way back in 2016 when he dropped his debut album project, Stranger. Over the last few years, he’s been keeping extremely busy, co-writing a screenplay for the Da Understudy which will be directed by Spike Lee for Amazon Studios, working on the collaborative project with Ms Smith, and many other creative jobs. This year saw Cole return with the double singles, Good Drugs / / Bad Joke, his first musical release in three years. Now, the artist is ready to re-introduce his genre-bending solo work to the world on a far grander scale.

His new studio album Existential Crisis Boy (Part 1) is dropping on September 29th. If his new single Crying in My Car (featuring Teezo Touchdown) is anything to go by, then this new record will be his most ambitious and exhilarating body of work yet.

In conversation with 1883 Magazine, Tyler Cole discusses stepping out as a solo artist again, his forthcoming new era, how he navigates creative burnout, and more.


Tyler Cole


Tyler, thanks for speaking with 1883 Magazine. Congratulations on releasing your new single, Crying in My Car (featuring Teezo Touchdown). How did the track come to life and what’s your favourite lyric from it?

Thank you and thanks for having me! The song actually started in 2018. I made the first version of the beat with my friend Yuki at his apartment in Hollywood. I originally had a completely different hook for the song, but it just didn’t feel right. Then one day, I was feeling really emotional and was literally crying in my car listening to the beat. I knew what had to be done…I was inspired to talk about sadness but in a way that is fun.

My favorite lyric is ‘pick on someone your own size, I’ve been feelin’ like a giant.’ But also Teezo’s whole verse…it’s genius.


Did you feel any apprehension or nerves in relation to stepping out as a solo artist in your own right again following the success of your work in the collaborative project The Anxiety? Meet Me At Our Spot was such a huge hit, it would be understandable if you felt more pressure…

None whatsoever. I was always an artist first in my own right and I’m very passionate about the art that I make. I love collaborating with other artists and I’m so grateful for the success of The Anxiety & Meet Me At Our Spot, but I’ve tried not to let it influence how I’m currently creating.


Given the fact that you last dropped a Tyler Cole album in 2017 with We’re In Love & The World Is Ending, how do you think you’ve developed as a solo artist since then?

I’ve watched a lot of my idols turn into peers and collaborators, which has been so cool. I’ve learned priceless lessons that have allowed me to continue growing in my craft. I feel more confident in my choices.


I admire that you called the production company you founded, Single Mom Studios. I can only imagine this is in homage to your mother? As you mentioned in past interviews she raised you as a single parent.

Yes, I wouldn’t be where I am at without my mom. She is the heart of our whole operation.


As a versatile creative that focuses on many different passions, how do you navigate burnout and what things or people inspire you on a daily basis?

I think all artists should have something outside of art that is able to take their mind off of it – especially the business aspects of it – even if for a short time. For me, that’s playing basketball.

I find a lot of my inspiration from watching films. I’m really into Paul Thomas Anderson right now.


Do you think the phrase ‘never meet your heroes’ has any truth to it? You’ve been able to work with various people that inspire you, a noticeable example being Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) as he was on your track Next To Me and you were credited on his track Christopher & 6th.

Honestly, since I did meet several of my heroes, I’m lucky that a lot of them turned out to be really good people. Not all of them though…I won’t name names.


Can you tell us anything about this new era we’re approaching. What’s the vision you have behind the new forthcoming album, Existential Crisis Boy (Part 1)?

I’m getting more personal on this album and the music is really fun. I feel like I’ve combined all of the styles I’ve ever tried into one big bowl of sound. It’s my first major label release and I wanted to be as authentic to myself as possible. I’m excited for you all to step into this new world I’ve been building!


Finally, if you could manifest anything for yourself what would it be and why?

I want to say something mature and intelligent like happiness or serenity, but the truth is I’m manifesting an arena tour and a Donald Glover collab. Thanks again for inviting me to do this interview!

Existential Crisis Boy (Part 1) is out September 29th. Stay up to date with Tyler Cole by clicking here.


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