Trollishly Tips for Leveraging Instagram Reels in Ecommerce

Instagram has billions of active users and loyal customers in routine. It is why Instagram is one of the best social media applications on the market. The speed of the application has helped many first- and eCommerce businesses to promote their products and influence people on their buying decisions. Compared to the Facebook app, Instagram is driving four times better engagement. On top of it, the Instagram app’s new feature, ‘Reels,’ seems extremely powerful.


Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are a great feature on Instagram where you can gain significant exposure. Reels are a form of short videos that are interactive, engaging, and fun. The application’s ‘Explore Page’ lets users connect with the versatile content niche. The app also has a separate Reels section for the users to feel easy usage. Users could also buy reels views to maintain better content engagement. This is why the Reels feature is the biggest asset for Instagram. So in the following content, let us discuss the best ways to use Instagram Reels in the eCommerce sector. Keep reading!


Educational Content

Educating the audience regarding your brand and the brand’s products is the best way to capture the audience’s attention. Leveraging Instagram Reels to keep your viewers educated will drive more traction to your webpage. This leads to an extended follower base. A few educational contents that can be included are:

  • How to…
  • X best things…
  • What to do when…



Reels with a lot of behind-the-scenes content about your eCommerce firms will assist you in maintaining a good relationship with the customers. For instance, if you own a fashion store with a large variety of clothing collections. Film what happens behind the scenes and display it to your audience. This will bring great trust to your brand. In addition, you can create a few tutorial videos of using the products to make users know about the usage of the product. This is the reason why behind-the-scenes has a significant impact on bringing brand loyalty.


Products Reviews or Testimonials

Reels feature on Instagram offers the best opportunity to stay more engaging, interactive, entertaining, and fun, which also helped garner more viewers. For example, the brand could show interactive product reviews by making videos or photos and posting them as Reels. It will provide a better explanation. You could also update the reviews in videos so that people will see them and get a good impression of your brand.


Leverage Reels Ads

Instagram launched the Reel ads specifically for brand promotions and advertising purposes. During June 2021, the application enabled brands to advertise their Reels, offering them a place for Instagram advertising placements. Reel ads support the following:

  • Brand awareness
  • Organic traffic
  • App installations
  • Video reach
  • Conversions


And so on are the best ways to connect with your core demographics. The audience of Instagram connects with businesses that retain good creativity and content ideas. Brands must make sure they come up with new ideas and different themes that will help them garner better attention. The Reel option on Instagram is a great space to stay more popular without a lot of investment, time, and effort.

ECommerce brands should make use of Reels that assist your brand in gaining more audiences in the future. Also, you can make them your admirers, making them loyal buyers for the future.


Please Give it a Push

Social media is about more than just feeling attracted to your followers. It is more about finding ways to expand it to reach a wider audience. After the inception of Reels, it is now clear that the feature will push your content to more users, which will encourage the brands to use more of the app’s features. It is true that the creators who have already jumped into the Reels feature have felt it extraordinary and are rewarded with a tremendous reach on the Discovery page. Along with all this, the feature also has a plethora of great music.


Information Matters

Rather than just focusing on the exciting features, showing more concern towards the type of content you prepare is crucial. Make sure it is appealing and, at the same time, informative. Product information has to be secondary. It means when you have the product information as a primary source, it would appear like a conventional marketing style. So never focus on keeping the products as the primary focus.


Stay Trend-centric

All you have to do is create an excellent entertaining video that has subtle content to engage the audience. Displaying the audience to the viewers is a better idea, but businesses must align it with the current trends. Only if it is trend-centric will people watch it. Just posting about your products will not offer you the expected traffic to your brand. For instance, Reels are one of the most famous Instagram trends right now; in this case, you can make your products get displayed to the audiences in the form of a Reel. This is how trend-centric content works. You can also use the other best internet resources, including Trollishly, which will help you stay more aware of your reach and performance.

One best way to overcome this is to create content using the strategy that you already know. Also, you can take expert advice to come up with good content. Leverage Instagram Reels to determine the knowledge you have on the products and show it to the audience genuinely. Following a great technique is the most brilliant move that you could ever make to keep your brand extremely visible to global viewers.



To appear on the discovery page for so long, ensure to create of exciting content. Also, staying more relevant to the niche keeps the app the best place for information. The above tips will keep your brand in the top use. Choose the best options and become one of the game’s most important players. All you need is the proper structure for using your Reel feature. Then, gradually, work on the ideas you get, which will keep your work lively.

The above information would have been helpful for your further steps. Please feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments section. Thank you for making time to read the article!
















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