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Looking for an exciting and romantic tour for two or with your family, this fall, in the United States? Clearly, there are plenty of offers online, but don’t be caught up in the “hot deals,” instead find the own place where you can get the full enjoyment of the enchanting colorful fallen leaves, the picturesque scenery of autumn forests and famous landmarks that are changing their attire. Therefore, we’ve gathered for you the most visited destinations for short weekends in the USA during this Fall season that are sure to leave you with exceptionally pleasant memories of those days. So, let’s go!



The first place to go in the city of Atlanta is, of course, the City Botanical Gardens. There you can look at real flower sculptures in the form of bizarre creatures and animals, check out a greenhouse of rare orchid species, stroll through a rainforest, touch ancient cacti, and walk on a rickety suspension bridge. And for a quick trip to celebrate Halloween, it’s worth booking a hire a car to catch the “annual parade” of Halloween party scarecrows. All in all, it’s a nice place, which, by the way, can be used as a luxurious setting for shooting your travel blog or Instagram stories.  And to make sure you don’t waste time, it is worth booking a budget car rental in Atlanta Ga airport, particularly to see one of the oldest zoos in America, which is one of the top four in the country. There are about 1500 animals of 220 species such as meerkats, flamingos, zebras, giant pandas, red panda, bongo antelope, and many others. Such a cozy atmosphere will not leave anyone indifferent.  Since car rental in Atlanta Ga is the most advantageous option, it is worth remembering to go to the Georgia Aquarium, because there you can see many exotic species of marine animals and dive with dolphins.



Firstly, when traveling through bustling New York City, the Grand Central Market is worth a visit, because if there is a place where you can find everything, it’s right here. Why the market, you may ask? Because here you can find real brand-name clothes, fresh fruits and vegetables, including exotic ones, as well as eat real gourmet food from different countries of the world. And then you can take a trip along the Hudson River Greenway or High bridge Park bike path, where you can not only see the beauty of nature, but also improve your well-being, in particular through the fresh air. And for a real sense of romance on a boat ride, it’s worth booking boat tours around the city at Narwhal Yacht Charters, where newlyweds in love can enjoy a fascinating view of the fall city.



Oklahoma City is a kind of “beacon” for those tourists who are fond of river boating or kayaking, because there are many national parks, such as Lake Murray State Park (there is a large lake where you can fish), Natural Falls State Park, where you can take an extreme “descent” by kayak over a turbulent waterfall or vice versa, ride trails in Little Sahara State Park on quad bikes on the sand dunes. The Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge dam is also worth a visit, where you can see many rare fauna and flora, including beavers, American beavers, and jackals. Action fans should go to Route 66 Historical Village for tours of an abandoned “train village” from different times.



Columbus can rightly be called the second “beer capital of the world”, because every autumn there are beer festivals, you can taste real craft beer from such elite breweries as El Dorado Gaming Scioto Downs (you can also play casino there) or Land-Grant Brewing is a road. Where you can listen to real rock from popular music bands. There is even an entire German village, which is a whole neighborhood with small houses, narrow streets, made in the classic European style of the 19th century. It is worth trying the local sausages – you will not regret it. Soccer and sports fans should spend long weekends in the fall at these stadiums, where the Nationwide Arena, Mapfre Stadium, Covelli Center, to name a few, make you dizzy. For an intellectual break, you should visit the COSI Science Center, where you can touch the laws of physics and not just with your bare hands.



Nothing graces the city of New Orleans quite like its outdoor jazz bands, numerous museums and art galleries. Foremost it is worth visiting Longue Vue House and Gardens, because this chic manor house is a magical place with a main historical house-museum (dedicated to the early twentieth century social activist Edgar Stern) and endless avenues of flowers (roses, cyclamen, chrysanthemums). Among the museums worth checking out are the Jazz Museum, the World War II Museum, and Fort Pike (where you can see interesting fortifications and battlements from the time of French colonization). If you want something otherworldly and magical, then you should visit the souvenir store Voodoo Authentic, where you can see a lot of magical artifacts and learn the necessary spells (especially during Halloween). But you can find yourself in the fall foliage weekends simply by taking a walk in the central city park, where you can take hiking trails through small rivers, see a monument to four naked natives, touch a human skull on the river bank, and ride through the whole territory of the park.


Bonus: Visit Multiple Cities In Fall In An RV

RV vacations are rising in popularity at the moment. They allow vacationers to experience multiple cities or places while always ensuring there is a safe place to relax and sleep at night. Some might think they’re catered to those who love the outdoors, but they can also be great for smaller city breaks where you want to move quickly from one place to the next. This is very popular in Illinois. Hotels near navy pier Chicago are allowing you to experience both outdoor beauty and hotel comfort. You can even tie the two together, starting in a city before visiting places of natural beauty. If you’re stuck wondering which cities to visit, you can instead visit a few different ones. As buying an RV can be pricey, many consider RV rental instead. It allows you the usage of an RV without having to worry too much about purchasing one. You need to find the right RV for you, ensure it’s suitable, and you’re good to go. Make sure you plan your route ahead of time, especially if you’re visiting a city in a larger rented RV.



After reading this article, it is now difficult to figure out for sure where to spend your vacation this fall, but it is worth noting that each of these cities has its own specific advantages, and it is worth firstly to decide on the primary purpose of the trip.  Big cities like New York City will not allow you to enjoy the clean air and beauty of nature, and small cities like New Orleans can not meet your needs in the amusement parks or unusual extreme activities. So, your task is to find a balance and, of course, have a good time.  Have a great trip!

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