Top first-date ideas

We all remember the anxiety of first dates. It could be the opening of a door to a wonderful relationship but that’s not to say it doesn’t have its stresses. In fact, a study showed that 61% of UK singles find first dates more stressful than public speaking.

It can be a challenge to think up new and exciting first-date ideas. There are some tried and tested date spots, but the truly great experiences are the meet-ups that stand out. Here are our top first-date ideas that will get you on the way from new flames to long-term lovers:


Dinner date

Going out for dinner with that special someone is a classic romantic date. Take your main squeeze to your favourite spot to eat or restaurant hop for each course if you’re looking for something a bit more unique. Eating is intimate and personal, so it gives you a good opportunity to get to know each other.

Poster printing company instantprint researched the UK’s favourite restaurant cuisine and found Chinese and Italian ranked at the top so there’s a good chance your date will enjoy either of these. Vegan food was also in the top 5 and it’s a good reminder to check your love interest’s dietary requirements.


Friendly competition

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to keep your mind off any first-date jitters. You can do something fun like going to an arcade, playing bowling, or a game of mini golf to get the conversation flowing in a laid-back environment. Sweat-induced endorphins can also make you feel more chemistry with a partner.

Not only this but playing a competitive activity can tell you a lot about your date. Do they have fun with the minor competition, or do they take it too seriously?


Take an art class

Art is a mindful and restorative practice so it’s a perfect option if you’re looking for a social activity that takes the pressure off. When you’re more relaxed, you’re less likely to feel anxious about whether the date is going well and can connect with your companion genuinely.

The experience is both collaborative and bonding as you’re able to learn a new skill with your new flame and establish your confidence together.


Visit a market

Markets are a great way to spark conversation while supporting local businesses. Visit some of the best marketplaces across the country where you can sample some locally sourced treats and purchase some antiques.

From Christmas fayres to farmers markets, these are great low-pressure social settings that let you see how your date interacts with others. You can explore the various stalls that provide natural icebreakers and reveal if you and your date have any common interests.

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