Top Fashion Exhibitions in Germany That Are Worth Seeing in 2024

Germany’s fashion industry is characterized by an emphasis on practicality, functionality, and minimalist design, as well as a growing commitment to ethical production and sustainability. It may surprise some to learn that Germany is among the top ten countries dictating contemporary fashion. But this is where extraordinary fashion events take place and where designers show the world the trends of the future.

Berlin, in particular, has long been a vibrant fashion hub, with Berlin Fashion Week attracting a global audience of buyers, designers, and media. In addition, Germany’s strategic location in Europe, solid manufacturing base, and robust economy contribute to its influence on the global fashion industry, serving as a key market and gateway for brands looking to expand into the European and global markets.

If you are in any way involved in the fashion industry, keep a list of German trade shows to attend as an exhibitor or visitor.

Top Fashion Exhibitions in Germany in 2024

German fashion trade shows serve as key platforms for networking, inspiration, showcasing new designs and attracting investors, highlighting the importance of these events in the fashion industry ecosystem. If fashion is not only a passion for you, but also a business, there’s no better way to grow your business than by attending the right fashion tradeshow.

Fashion tradeshows in Germany offer unparalleled networking opportunities. Designers, brands, buyers, retailers, stylists and fashion journalists from around the world flock to these events.

The dynamic and creative atmosphere of fashion tradeshows serves as a rich source of inspiration. Designers and brands showcase their latest collections, offering a glimpse of the latest trends, innovative materials and cutting-edge developments.

Fashion shows also play an important role in attracting investors and securing funding. By showcasing their designs, market appeal and growth potential, designers and brands can attract the attention of investors looking for promising opportunities in the fashion industry.

German fashion fairs thus serve as platforms that not only provide opportunities for networking, inspiration and showcasing new designs, but also play an important role in attracting investors and growing fashion businesses.

So which are the most promising fashion fairs in Germany for business?

Berlin Fashion Week

The upcoming Berlin Fashion Week[1]  will take place from July 1 to July 4, 2024. Event locations include Bahnhof Berlin, Kronprinzenpalais, Verti Music Hall, Alte Münze, and other venues throughout the city.

The theme of this edition of Berlin Fashion Week revolves around the Berlin Contemporary competition, highlighting designers who demonstrate style, craftsmanship, and concepts with international commercial potential. This competition showcases both well-known, established labels and newcomer brands, underscoring the event’s commitment to innovation, creativity, and inclusivity. In particular, the Berlin Salon will exclusively present the work of contestant Karen Jessen, adding a unique dimension to the event by highlighting individual talent within the broader fashion community.

This edition promises a mix of fashion shows, exhibitions, and side events that will appeal to a wide range of interests within the fashion industry. It will emphasize the importance of both emerging and established designers in shaping future trends.

European Bridal Week

European Bridal Week[2]  2024 will take place from 13 to 15 April at Messe Essen in Essen, Germany. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the event, and its theme is “Celebrating Difference” with a focus on welcoming, discovering, elevating, exploring, and creating difference within the bridal world. The show will feature over 500 brands from around the world, underlining its status as the largest international bridal trade show in Northern Europe.

The event aims to highlight innovation and new perspectives in the bridal and fashion industry, embracing change and differences that can lead to creative solutions and new opportunities. It’s an essential platform for retailers to get a first glimpse of the season’s collections, featuring both established names and innovative designers who are setting trends for the entire industry. Attendees can look forward to fashion shows, networking opportunities, socializing, learning, and engaging with the latest in bridal fashion and technology (European Bridal Week) (Bridal Times).

QUARTERkids & QUARTERdessous

QUARTERkids[3] , which will focus on children’s clothing and accessories, will take place from July 26 to July 28, 2024. The event will be held at the MMC Mitteldeutsches Mode Center in Schkeuditz, Saxony, Germany, a location highly regarded for its strategic location close to Leipzig and excellent transport links. Organized by Regtrade AG, QUARTERkids is known for showcasing the latest trends and innovations in children’s fashion, attracting manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers from across the industry.

QUARTERdessous[4] , on the other hand, is a specialized trade fair for lingerie and intimate apparel and will take place from February 9 to 11 at the same venue, the MMC Mitteldeutsches Mode Center. Regtrade AG also organizes this event and is part of the QUARTER series of trade fairs. QUARTERdessous covers a wide range of products including lingerie, swimwear, daywear, nightwear, shapewear, sportswear, and homewear, and provides a platform for hundreds of brands to showcase their latest offerings. The show includes fashion shows, “New Brands Live!” presentations, and a show party, making it a comprehensive event for lingerie professionals.

Both shows are professional events focusing on the latest industry trends and products.

Supreme Women & Men Munich

Supreme Women&Men Munich[5]  2024 will take place August 10-13 at the MTC Fashion World in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. This event is known for bringing together international trends, progressive styles and a touch of sophistication in a casual setting. It’s known as the leading fashion ordering platform for groundbreaking trends, especially for women’s and men’s fashion, including selected accessories and footwear labels.

The exhibition offers a comprehensive overview of the latest in high-end women’s and men’s wear, with around 750 labels showcasing their innovative and high-quality collections. The event, which has been an integral part of the fashion industry since 2007, is a must for professionals looking for the latest trends and products for the coming seasons. Supreme Women&Men Munich attracts visitors from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, among others, making it a key event for the European fashion market.

Why Hold Exhibitions in Germany?

Germany stands out in the European and global fashion market due to its size, economic strength and consumer purchasing power. It’s the largest market in the European Union, with a population of nearly 84 million and a strong gross domestic product, making it a key destination for fashion brands. In 2019, Germans spent €76 billion on clothing and footwear, ranking just behind the United Kingdom in Europe and sixth globally. This economic backdrop, combined with a sophisticated consumer base that values quality and innovation, makes Germany an ideal platform for brand promotion, networking, and direct sales.

Don’t believe, nevertheless, that going to the fair would provide you fast access to the enormously promising German fashion market.

Several features unique to Germany make it a challenging market to enter. Germany’s structure is more decentralized than that of France, the UK, or Italy, with numerous urban hubs as opposed to Greater London or Paris’ Ile de France, where a large concentration of the country’s wealth and trend-setters is found. Instead, the five most significant cities in Germany are spread out across the nation, and they have very distinct lifestyles. There are even more surprises when per-person income in Germany is broken down by city. Who would have imagined that the first fashion store would operate in a city like Schweinfurt, Ingolstadt, or Wolfsburg? Nevertheless, these regions in Germany have the highest income per working population.

It is imperative to consider that German clients are highly knowledgeable and picky. German consumers prioritize value for money. Therefore, they check prices and hunt for the best deal before making a purchase. A 2015 Accenture global study found that Germans are the most expectant people worldwide. Germans are less interested in status symbols and are more realistic when it comes to aesthetics. German design is practical, simplistic, and clean. They enjoy investing and saving money. Germans define status by making sensible purchases of automobiles, timepieces, and electronic equipment, but not branded apparel.

Therefore, when you decide to exhibit at a trade show, you should also consider the purpose for which you are doing so. Are you planning to conquer the pragmatic German fashion market, or are you looking to expand your business opportunities and enter new markets?

In any case, tradeshows and fashion shows in Germany are very important to businesses and designers and have many advantages.

  • Exhibitions offer a venue for brands to present their collections to a broad audience, comprising buyers, retailers, journalists, and the public, thereby increasing their visibility and brand awareness. Getting this exposure is essential for introducing new lines of products and increasing brand recognition.
  • Possibilities for networking: These gatherings provide a platform for networking with influential people, business leaders, and prospective partners. This can lead to joint ventures and the development of new distribution channels.
  • Market insights: By visiting trade exhibitions, brands and designers can assess consumer preferences, competitor offerings, and market trends. This real-time feedback is priceless for staying ahead of the curve and modifying strategy.
  • Sales and orders: Especially during trade exhibitions when buyers are actively trying to replenish their retail inventories, fashion displays frequently result in sales possibilities and wholesale orders.
  • International expansion: Trade shows serve as a springboard for many designers and brands looking to break into new markets. By grabbing the interest of foreign purchasers and media, they can venture into new markets without having to make the large upfront expenditure that is often needed for international growth.

Advice for Businesses Wishing to Take Part in the Exhibition

Often, newcomers don’t know where to start when planning to exhibit at trade shows. The first step is to reserve a space at the show you want to attend. Good spaces sell out immediately after the show, so the longer you wait to decide on a booth, the greater the chance you will not be able to exhibit at all.

The space should be one that will provide you with a steady flow of customers. Early birds get the best spaces, so as soon as you decide to exhibit at a fashion show, contact the organizer.

Once the space is booked, you need to think about how you will represent your brand. At trade shows, the booth is the face of your brand. It is how you make yourself and your ambitions known. With the most popular trade shows attracting up to 1,000 exhibitors, you need to stand out from the crowd to be noticed by your potential partners or customers.

To make your exhibit stand out, start by developing a bold and memorable exhibition stand design that reflects your brand. Use innovative technologies, such as interactive screens and virtual reality, to create a unique user experience. Organize the space to encourage visitors to move around and interact with the products. Also, provide adequate lighting to highlight key booth elements and merchandise. Don’t forget to use social media to draw attention to your booth before and during the show.

It is better to entrust the work of booth design to a booth builder in Germany. Specialists from such a company will create a winning booth design for you and implement it at the exhibition site. In addition, a professional booth builder always offers additional services, including the rental of equipment and furniture, to make you stand out from the crowd of participants. You don’t have to hunt for the correct elements to bring your idea to life.

To achieve your marketing goals, build anticipation with teaser content on social media, targeted email campaigns, and engage with potential attendees through webinars or live Q&A sessions. Emphasize visual content.

During the show, maintain an active online presence with real-time updates, share behind-the-scenes footage, and use the official event hashtag to increase visibility. Encourage booth visits with exclusive promotions or new product demonstrations.

Follow up with attendees after their visit with social media posts and follow-up emails to reinforce the connections made during the event.

These simple steps will help you stand out from the crowd and get the results you want.

Fashion shows in Germany offer tremendous opportunities beyond sales. They serve as platforms for brand building, showcasing innovation, and networking with industry leaders. These events allow designers and brands to align themselves with the latest trends, gain international exposure, and explore global expansion opportunities.

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