Top 7 Hidden Spy Apps For Android 2022

The idea of skulking around and taking data from someone’s phone is what phone spy applications evoke. However, these applications provide a broad range of helpful features, including the ability to trace a lost or stolen phone, record phone calls and texts, and monitor a child’s smartphone use.

This article will look at the best spy applications for Android devices. You will learn about the most excellent features, prices, and other characteristics of the applications to choose the best one that matches your budget and smartphone monitoring needs.

7 Best Hidden Spy Apps- Overview

  1. mSpy
  2. Cocospy
  3. XNSPY
  4. uMobix
  5. Hoverwatch
  6. eyeZy
  7. ClevGuard


mSpy is a low-cost spyware program with a plethora of capabilities. You can keep an eye on social media and SMS communications. In addition, the program allows you to examine installed apps, calendar entries, note entries, and keystrokes. Using the app, you may also access images and videos on your child’s smartphone.

monitor android with mSpy (2)

Popular Features:

  • Examine the installed programs
  • Keep track of your calendar, notes, images, and videos.
  • Examine your contacts, calls, social media, and text exchanges.
  • Limit incoming calls
  • Keystroke tracking

mSpy is an excellent remote smartphone monitoring software. You might use the app to track your children’s smartphone usage secretly. The software offers exceptional value for money due to its variety of features at low prices.

mSpy Price: Monthly rates range from $11.66 to $69.99. No free trial | 14-day money-back guarantee

This is why mSpy is considered the best spy app. To check some more options, check this thorough review of the best spy apps of 2022


Whether you are spying on iOS or an Android smartphone, eyeZy is a well-known cell phone spying tool that will be helpful to you. This one is one of the few spy programs with an intelligent AI-driven mechanism that notifies users of activities on the target device. Users can save a ton of time by not having to spend their whole day staring at their dashboard while spying on their target device.

EyeZy provides you with practically complete coverage when it comes to spying. The app’s simple keystroke recording features let you keep track of every keystroke recorded on the target device. The program is excellent for parental control because you can ban dubious websites remotely.

monitor android with eyezy

eyeZy Features:


Screen recorder

Website blocker

Browser Activity Monitoring

Files Finder

Unquestionably among the top covert surveillance apps available for iOS and Android smartphones is eyeZy. The program doesn’t tax the target device’s battery, and it doesn’t employ a logo to draw attention to itself. As a result, the software is perfect for parents and companies that wish to monitor their children’s and workers’ cell phone activities in total privacy.

eyeZy costs $9.99 for a year, $27.99 for three months, and $47.99 for a single month.


You get a mobile phone monitoring app with Cocospy that can monitor behavior on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. This program allows you to track whereabouts, messages, calls, applications, and more while being entirely anonymous. To use Cocospy, follow three easy steps.

Create a Cocospy account, grab the smartphone or tablet you wish to spy on, and install the software. After installation, log in to your Cocospy dashboard to remotely monitor your target phone or tablet. It has plenty of features. Our personal favorite is the Geo-fencing function. The program lets you draw designated zones on a map.

Cocospy immediately notifies you when a target device departs or enters that specified zone.

Best Features: 

  • Keylogger
  • Monitoring Call and Text Message
  • Tracking Social Media Application
  • Geo-fence
  • Review the browsing history

The excellent capabilities that Cocospy offers make cell phone tracking simple and practical. It is one of the greatest mobile phone tracking software available in the spyware market because of its geo-fence, keylogger, and social media monitoring features alone. Parents who wish to monitor their child’s cell phone use online and off are especially well-suited to use it. Check out this Cocospy review.

Cocospy Price: $49.99 for one month, $27.99 for three months, and $11.66 for a full year.


Simple and quick Android Monitoring software called XNSPY. You can monitor your kids’ smartphone usage with the help of the app. Numerous capabilities are available, such as watching social media, accessing multimedia files, and phone records. Additionally, you may use a remote control to observe the environment or erase data from your child’s smartphone.

Key Features:

  • Call history
  • Contacts on a watchlist
  • Keep track of your online activity
  • Watch videos and photographs on a smartphone

XNSPY is a valuable tool for remotely monitoring and controlling smartphone use. It’s an affordable piece of software that you may use to monitor your child’s Android phone.

XNSPY Price: Basic: Monthly rates begin at $4.99. Starts at $7.49 per month for premium.


A fantastic spyware program that facilitates the surveillance of several platforms is called uMobix. You can keep an eye on your calls and texts with the app. Media files kept on the target devices can also be viewed.

The app’s ability to broadcast music and video to your smartphone makes it stand out from the crowd. You may use this at any moment to see where and how your kids are doing. You may limit access to websites and public Wi-Fi networks with the spy software. To keep your kids safe, you may use the app to ban applications, calls, and texts.

Best Features:

  • Video surveillance
  • Monitor and limit connections and applications
  • Monitoring of social media conversation
  • GPS location
  • Notification after a SIM card swap

uMobix is an excellent spyware program that lets you keep an eye on-screen activity and off-screen activity using remote audio and video streaming.

uMobix Price: Every month, $14.99 to $29.99.


The ease of use and discretion with which Hoverwatch accomplishes its task win it a coveted position on this list. You may download and use the app on your target Android device in just three easy steps. Thanks to the invisibility function, it may operate in the background while being hidden from a device’s user.

You’ll be able to record each incoming and outgoing call using Hoverwatch. The program also allows you to keep track of all SMS and MMS that are sent and received.

Due to its enhanced geolocation capability, it is also highly exceptional when tracking a phone’s position. You may still follow the target device even if the user removes and swaps their SIM card.

Hoverwatch Features:

  • Record and monitor calls and messages
  • Track Viber, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger
  • Geolocation Monitoring
  • Photo Tracker For Front Camera
  • Complete Internet History Tracking

You have access to more than 40 options with Hoverwatch that make it easier to monitor the target device. The program functions as a window into any Android smartphone, recording all internet activity and keeping track of the user’s position in real-time.

Hoverwatch Price: $49.99 for one month, $27.99 for three months, and $11.66 for an entire year.


Another excellent spyware program you can use to keep an eye on your kids’ or employees’ mobile activity is ClevGuard. You may use the app to monitor what’s happening on Windows and smartphone devices. It allows you to view social media messages and record calls and screenshots.


  • location history
  • Spyware defense
  • Remotely monitor PC email and internet activities
  • Take screenshots and transcribe calls
  • Geofencing

ClevGuard is a collection of apps that enable you to monitor your kids’ smartphone and Windows device activity. The app’s reasonable fee, far lower than that of most professional spy programs, is its strongest feature.

ClevGuard Price:

Price for KidsGuard Pro for Android: $8.32 per month.

The price for KidsGuard Pro for iOS is $9.16 per month.

Starting at $8.32 per month, KidsGuard Pro with iCloud Monitoring is available.

Monitoring with KidsGuard Whatsapp starts at $7.50 per month.

Cost of ClevGuard Antispyware each month: $8.33.

Starting at 10.82 per month is MoniVisor for Windows.

No trial period; 30-day money-back promise.

Top 7 Hidden Spy Apps For Android 2022-Conclusion

The spy applications discussed in this blog article can be used to monitor employees or kids. Most applications offer a stealth mode that lets you watch smartphone actions covertly.

Let’s say you want to see videos with sound from the user’s near surroundings while listening to monitored calls. Try TheOneSpy, TheWiSpy, XNSpy, or uMobix, which employ the phone’s microphone and camera for live broadcasting.

The most effective program for monitoring workers’ computer use at work is pcTattetale. You may utilize the app to find out which staff is working and which are just hanging out.

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