Top 6 world’s iconic hotels around the world

While museums collect historical objects, hotels capture interesting stories about the very history that was created within their walls. A large number of hotels have become popular for a variety of reasons, but mostly for their unprecedented luxury and famous guests. In this article we are going to tell you about the 6 legendary hotels, where historically significant events took place.


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  1. Ritz, Paris

The Ritz Hotel in Paris can be considered as a legendary symbol of the city just as the Eiffel Tower or the Champs Elysees. The Ritz in Paris serves as a symbol of luxury and is definitely one of the most romantic places in France. Established in Paris in 1898, Ritz has been among the best hotels in the world ever since. Moreover, the hotel owns several luxurious rooms that are dedicated to its legendary guests. Among the guests were such famous personalities as Chopin, Elton John, American writer Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway and fashion icons Coco Chanel.


  1. Burj al Arab Hotel, Dubai

The Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai can certainly be named the pinnacle of the hospitality industry, where everything is perfect from the stunning view of the Persian Gulf to the luxurious interior, the hotel furniture is custom-made and only from the highest quality materials such as rattan and teak wood. Parasol furniture has earned a solid reputation as one of the leading and most reliable suppliers of outdoor furniture in the Emirates. The Burj al Arab has become a symbol of tourism in the UAE. What is more, the Burj al Arab building in Dubai today is considered one of the most impressive and innovative buildings on the planet. The hotel is designed in the form of a 320-meter tall sail, making the Burj al Arab the second tallest hotel in the world.


  1. Westin Excelsior, Rome

The Westin Excelsior Hotel in Rome plays the same role as the Ritz in Paris. Hotel Westin Excelsior today represents not only the heritage of the Italian capital, but also the standard of luxury, taste and aristocratic splendor in modern design. Located in the historic center of Rome the Hotel Westin Excelsior has always attracted the attention of royalty, famous artists and writers. Exactly in the hallways of the Westin Excelsior in the early 1960s the well-known film Dolce Vita was shot.


  1. Martinez, Cannes

The Martinez hotels in Cannes, whose history is inextricably linked to the famous Cannes Film Festival, can definitely get the title of the most cinematic hotel in the world. Situated right on the Croisette, Martinez has hosted the world of cinema celebrities for half a century. Perhaps one of the main hotel’s attractions is the restaurant, which has the same name as the Palme D’Or, or Golden Branch – the main prize of the Cannes Film Festival. Palme D’Or was opened in 1985 and since that time, following an established tradition, this is where the closing party of the film festival every year takes place.

  1. Raffles, Singapore

The Raffles hotel in Singapore might be described as Asia’s most famous hotel. This unique place with more than a century of history is now declared a monument of national importance in Singapore. Hotel Raffles represents a classic example of the colonial style. However, there are not only expensive restaurants and luxurious rooms, but also a prestigious museum and even a theater, which is very favored in Singapore.


  1. Savoy, London

The Savoy opened in London in 1889 on the site of a former theater and became a true landmark. It all started when The Savoy was the first English hotel to use electricity, telephones, elevators and hot water. Claude Monet painted more than 70 canvases with views of the Thames while living in this very hotel. The hotel also owns the historic Savoy Theater, founded in the late 19th century, which at different times was visited by Hollywood stars, Italian directors and Russian ballerinas.


If you have not yet managed to stay in one of these hotels, we would advise you to include them in your list of must-visits during your next vacation. We are sure that you will be satisfied!

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