Top 5 planning tips to have the best caravan holiday

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Caravan holidays are an amazing experience for all, although, before you can embark on one there are a range of things to consider.

What’s your budget? Who are you bringing? What do you need to pack?

Those are just a few of the questions that will likely be going through your head when it comes to preparation.

But, the biggest first thought might be choosing when to go – a great option is to choose a caravan for your June breaks.

So, let’s get started with some planning tips and tricks you should know to help your caravan holidays become stress-free!


How to decide on your holiday destination

One of the first steps to consider when planning a getaway is the destination you want to explore, but it isn’t as simple as picking a location.

The destination has to suit all holiday goers, so a good tip is to allow at least one activity per person, which might narrow down the location options.

If you’re planning to holiday in June, water sports might be on the cards for some, so it may be best to choose a destination by the coast that offers a variety of water-based activities!


Make a list of what you need

When you’ve decided on a destination, a good tip is to make a list of everything you’ll need whilst away, which also helps when it comes to budgeting.

Your caravan may already be equipped with certain items you have on your list, so check with your holiday provider before you bring duplicates of everything, which will just cause clutter.

When it comes to packing, another great idea is to be aware of what type of weather you’ll be experiencing whilst away.

In June, you’ll need to be equipped with sunscreen to prevent any burns, and potentially a raincoat – you never know what the UK summer weather might bring!

Just be aware of these things before you pack, and check the weather forecast beforehand to take some of the stress away when it comes to the day of your big trip!


Make an itinerary

If you’re going away with a group of people, picking activities for all is important, but it’s just as important to ensure that there’s enough time to do everything.

This is where an itinerary would be useful, as you can plan out each day to ensure everyone has the choice to do what they want and encourages a group to partake in some bonding time.

Your day doesn’t have to be planned out to the exact time, but having a little bit of holiday structure will ensure that no one is left out of holiday plans!


What about food?

When it comes to staying in a caravan, your caravan should be equipped with utilities to help cook a variety of meals, but your caravan park will also have a variety of restaurants onsite and nearby.

With this, make a list of all the food you want to try for lunch, breakfast and dinner and how many days you want to eat out.

A simple meal structure will help you to book places in advance and also prepare the items you need if you decide to cook.

This also helps with budgeting and making sure that everyone is well-fed after a long day of exploring!

The June weather might even call for BBQs, so you can enjoy the sunshine, whilst tucking into a delicious burger.


Last-minute things you may forget

You may think that you’re prepared to leave, but there are some more things that might be useful for your getaway.

One thing that is useful to remember is a torch, which can come in handy if you’re ever needing some extra guidance at night.

Little things like this can help make your trip that extra bit easier – what other essentials can you think of, especially for the summer months?

With a few handy tips for planning your June caravan holiday, what will be your first step?

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