Top 30 Music Essay Topics for Argumentative Writing

Music is a universal language that can inspire and influence people’s lives. An argumentative essay writing service can help you effectively present your views on music-related essay topics.

Music is essential in any person’s life. It is crucial for spreading joy and happiness to the listener. Most people say that music helps connect to their authentic selves. Music is also a form of meditation, and some great music composers claimed that music helped heal their depression, worries, sorrow, and pain. In essay writing, professors usually give students the topics they should write about. After that, the student, already having a topic for the essay, writes the work by himself, or turns to essay writing website. Another recommendation is to try an admission essay writing service. However, in some cases, the student is left free to write what they desire. When it comes to issues about music, most students get stuck before starting. What should they write about? The topic must be essential and informative. This article will discuss music essay topics students can use for argumentative writing.

Most Popular Music Topics for Argumentative Essay Writing

  1. The effect of music on the human mind: Consider how big advertising agencies use music to spread their brands and impact customer behavior. You can also include the latest research on mental health and how music influences depression treatment.
  2. History of music. Here you can talk about how various music genres have changed through passing generations.
  3. Lifestyle and music. On this, you can talk about how someone’s choice of music influences behavior, choice of dress, and other aspects of a person’s daily life. This essay can also evaluate what someone’s favorite music genre says about their personality.
  4. Relationship between music and television. On this topic, you can evaluate how television shows leverage the power of music to impact the feelings and emotions of the audience.
  5. Whether music should be downloaded for free: Here, it would help if you focused on the legal and ethical aspects of either side of the argument.
  6. The life of a prominent person in music: This essay can discuss the outstanding achievements of people who made a lasting effect on music. These are people such as Beethoven and Mozart. Talk about their contributions and achievements to the industry.
  7. Music in different cultures. Compare different cultures, their music choices, and perspectives.
  8. The scientific revolution and psychology of music: Here, you can look at some new methods of music delivery that came with science and how they affected the field of psychology.
  9. Journalism and the music industry: Discuss how journalists are making a change in their industry through music.
  10. The beginning of music psychology studies: Here, you can discuss the topics that sparked the interest of researchers to start probing into the field of music psychology.
  11. Pessimism in rock songs. Discuss why pessimistic and angry lyrics characterize many popular rock songs. Discuss what their effect is on the human mind.
  12. The future of music. Assess the current technologies in music and try to predict how their development would affect the future of production in music.
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  13. How classical music affects cognitive abilities. Many people claim that jazz music affects mental abilities in kids. Research about this topic and make your conclusions.
  14. Effect of music therapy on stroke patients. Some therapists use music therapy on stroke patients, and you can research this and arrive at logical conclusions.
  15. Struggles of music with modern technology. Technology came as a double-edged sword to the music industry. Here you can discuss how technology has affected income on music through ways such as sharing music online.
  16. Relationship between poetry and music. Since medieval times, people have been manipulating poetry to make music. You can discuss how this started and how it is implemented in the modern world. If you need reliable essay writing help, choose our academic writing services for fast and quality papers.
  17. Gender equality and hip hop: Assess the hip hop culture and evaluate the role played by women in them. Cite some examples that talk about this music style.
  18. Politics and music. Discuss how political campaigns and conquests leverage music and how songs can make a candidate win the favor of the masses.
  19. Music and neuroscience. Use scientific research to assess the discoveries made in neuroscience and how music affects it.
  20. Importance of school musicals. Assess various school musicals and how they affect a child’s experience.
  21. Music without lyrics. Discuss various orchestra pieces that only have instrumentals and how this creates a sense of melody.
  22. Analysis of choral music. Assess how choral music came to being. Singing in groups is common practice with different cultures. You can focus on several cultures and how they conduct their music.
  23. Use of social media in music. Here you can discuss how artists employ social media and illustrate the tools they use. You can discuss the effectiveness of their strategies.
  24. Benefits of singing to a person. Are there benefits when one sings? Does it elevate the mental and physical levels of the person?
  25. Music ban in some cultures. In some cultures, different genres of music are banned for various reasons. Assess why these bans exist and the effect of these bans on societies.
  26. Effect of music on healing emotions. People tend to listen to specific songs when they are heartbroken or depending on their moods. Assess this human behavior and how music brings about emotional healing. If you want professional essay writing help, you can hire our essay writers for a reliable essay writing service.
  27. The body’s psychological reaction to music; Different kinds of music lead to different responses in our bodies. We end up nodding our heads or stomping our feet to the tune. Study the effect of music on these reactions.
  28. What your ringtone says about your personality; Discuss what you think about a person when you hear their ringtone.
  29. Life of popstars. Discuss the life of pop stars, their merrymaking and leisure, and whether this is a life you desire.
  30. Hidden musical gems in the African continent; Study the music that hails from Africa and explain why some gifted musicians hail from there.


Music is an essential aspect of life, and almost everything has a rhythm to it. It is a vehicle that conveys emotion and a compelling means to connect. Hopefully, you can now easily choose a title for your music essay.


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