Tips On How To Make A Cam Girl Squirt

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There are many arguments around what squirting is precisely, but one consistent thing has always been that it is a marker of utmost pleasure.

Making their partner squirt is something a lot of people aspire to during sex. It is generally regarded as the female version of ejaculation, as it involves the release of some fluid from the vulva during sex.

Unfortunately, as pleasurable as squirting can be, it is not something everyone experiences during sex. But there are ways to go about making your partner squirt during sex, or even making yourself squirt during masturbation.

This article will focus on some of these tips while considering the peculiarities of sex with a cam girl.


How to Make a Cam Girl Squirt

Virtual sex can be just as pleasurable as real-life sex if you put in the effort. Sex with a live cam girl can come with many obstacles such as camera, lighting, angles and all the prep stuff.

But once you overcome all that and get to the business of satisfying your sexual urges and exploring your sexual fantasies, it’s a race to the big O.

As a cam viewer, you should pay attention to the satisfaction of your cam girl as well. Aside from the fact that this makes you a considerate human being, it also makes your sexual fulfilment much better.

What’s better than sex you enjoyed? Sex your partner enjoyed as well.

Here are some tips to make your cam girl squirt:


Do Not Pressure Her

No one can be pressured into squirting. Squirting is as much psychological as it is physical. Just like orgasms, the best squirts happen when the body is relaxed.

If your cam girl feels mandated from the beginning to squirt at the end, then it is very unlikely that she will. Putting pressure on your cam girl to ‘squirt for you’ will make it even less likely.


Get Her into the Right Mindframe

Squirting should not be a part of the performance with your cam girl. Make sure she knows this and try to make her as relaxed as possible.

Cam girls are often under a lot of pressure to perform because one unsatisfied viewer can be really detrimental to their brand. Make sure your cam girl is at ease with you and relaxed enough such that she can enjoy the process.


Get Her Aroused

Again, squirting is a combination of the physical and the psychological. A girl has to be aroused enough to be able to squirt. Since it is sex over a webcam, you can introduce plenty of ‘dirty talks’.

Tell her what you want to do to her body and just how much she affects you too. Arousal makes it more likely that she would squirt and makes the experience much better for both the cam girl and the viewer.



There’s a level of arousal that makes squirting a body response. You have to make sure to get your cam girl there. Remember, you are not in the same room as your cam girl, so physical stimulation is not an option.

But you can get your cam girl to speed things along. She knows her body a lot more than you ever could. Get her to play her cards. You can spice things up here and introduce a dom/sub dynamic.


Use Your Toys or Teledildonics

Now is a good time to introduce your toys. You and your cam girl can work your genitals with toys. Sex toys are a trade tool for cam girls, so she is likely to have some.

Get her to use it for you and use some on yourself as well. If you have some app-controlled teledildonics, you can also play around with them.


Be Open to Her Suggestions

The cam girl already knows her body. It will make your task a lot easier if you could listen to her suggestions about how you can get her body to listen. She is a sex professional who probably has more experience than you.

Getting a cam girl to squirt can be tricky. The trick is to be subtle. If you make it obvious that you are trying to make her squirt, her body would probably clamp up involuntarily. And it would help if you also were mindful that it might still not happen regardless of your best efforts.

But, if making a live cam girl squirt during sex is something you want to see happen, then by all means, do the work.

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