Things to Do in Auckland

New Zealand is an amazing land that boasts an amazing culture, lots of historic sightings, a lovely natural landscape, friendly people and tonnes of activities to do. Auckland is at the heart of the North Island, which offers you the opportunity to have all the above and many more. If you are wondering what to do on your next visit to this city, hang on as Robert Longthorpe from explores the best sights and activities in this amazing metropolis.

Auckland city is located between the Hauraki Gulf and the west coast, making it one of the most geographically blessed areas in the country. It has a population of about 1.6 million people, over 50 dormant volcanoes, several tiny islands and countless beaches. This city is vibrant across the year, from summer to winter and many of these activities can be carried out across the year.


Relax and Watch Sunsets at Muriwai Beach

Many of the beaches in Auckland have rugged landscapes and sparkling black sand. They are also great places for rough surfing. You can also visit there to relax and have a good time alone or with a loved one. One of the best places to visit for a warm sunset is Muriwai Beach. This beach is a 40-minute drive from the city.

Arrive here a little before sunset and take a walk to the cliff to catch a peek at the seals, an occasional shark and the gannet colony. As you wait for the sun to go down, this is one of the places where you can play online at King Johnnie Casino and enjoy amazing games. Come with your camera to take a picture of the golden orbs of the dying sunlight.

Do not be tempted to swim late in the evening, as the currents are usually strong. Besides, lifeguards usually leave late in the afternoon.


Learn Some Maori Culture at Maungawhau and Mt. Eden

Start your tour of Auckland with a cultural fair at Mt. Eden or Maungawhau. This is one of the 50 dormant volcanoes described above. It also serves as a protected archaeological site that has spiritual and historical significance for the Maori.

You can walk up to the summit and explore the landscape below. However, you can also visit the holy Maori sights to learn a little about their cultural history and beliefs. You will also get performances and souvenirs from this cultural group.


Take a Hike to Rangitoto Island

Rangitoto is the youngest volcano in the area, having arisen about 600 years ago. It is a 25-minute ride away from the city. Therefore, it is visible to residents in the city and ideal for a day trip. The dormant volcano is now a scenic reserve and hiking to the top is a popular outdoor activity.

It only takes an hour to reach the top of the summit and you will be winding through some bushy green lands on your way. There are longer trails if you would like to spend more time in the wilderness. One of the trails goes to the nearby Motutapu Island, but it is only available at low tide. When going to the top, wear sturdy shoes and bring some refreshments, as there are no food outlets at the top.


Sample Seafood at the Famed Auckland Fish Market

The Auckland Fish Market offers you a taste of local seafood, cooked in amazing local recipes. This market is located in the Wynyard Quarter of the city. Some of the fish dishes available here include poke bowls, sashimi, lobster rolls or the famed traditional fish and chips.

Take a seat in the sunshine and enjoy your meal while feasting your eyes on the expansive marketplace. After you are done, visit Silo Park nearby and take part in any of the events taking place at the playgrounds. It is a great way to burn some energy and feel hungry enough for another helping of delicious fish dishes.


Visit Devonport

Visit the charming north shore of Auckland and explore the suburbs of Devonport. It is only a 15-minute ferry ride from the city. During the 15 minutes, you will get a chance to see the city again in the water. You will also know why Auckland is called the City of Sails.

After arriving at Devonport, walk past the Navy Museum and head to the North Head or one of the volcanoes in the area. At North Head, you will have a chance to learn some history about WWII. The area houses some of the most elaborate military defences and historic tunnels that were built during the war.

Do not leave Devonport without exploring the colonial village and taking lunch at one of the local villages. There are a variety of local dishes, from fish to vegetable dishes and warm residents to cheer you up.


Go to Extreme with a Bungee Jump from the Harbour Bridge

Try one of the most extreme but safe sports in the city: a bungee jump from the Harbour Bridge. This bridge sweeps across the harbour and connects the city to the North Shore. The bridge is only open to vehicles, not pedestrians.

However, you can take a guided tour across the bridge to the summit, where you will get a bird’s-eye view of the city. Wear sturdy shoes and some warm clothing when making your way to the top, as it is very windy up there. You can also get some more adrenaline by bungee jumping from the bridge.

There are many more places to visit across the city and surrounding areas. Popular among them are the famed Sky Tower, where you can take some yoga classes; the famous night markets, where you can buy souvenirs and sample street dishes; and the Great Barrier Island, where you can go stargazing.


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