green Scorpio inspired funky nail art by Lisa

The Top Nail Artists You Should Follow (and Book in!)

Hello there fellow nail art enthusiasts, this one’s for you. Because we all know getting our nails done isn’t just a fad, a one-time thing… Nope, it’s more like a monthly spa (and therapy!) sesh where we get some quality time away from the endless abyss of doom scrolling, email replies and WhatsApp messages, and finally focus on us. And the best part? Duh, we get to leave with perfectly primed fingertips decorated with the latest nail art, chrome nail tips and finished off with cool nail gems.

From stiletto nail styles to coffin-shaped gel x nail designs, we’re going to match you with the best nail artists in London and beyond, so you can treat your tips to some serious TLC, pronto!

Nail Art London: Lisa, @lisa__nailedit – The Bohemians Salon

If you’re looking for some of the best nail art in London, then Lisa’s your gal. Ready to get acrylics, gel x nails, or BIAB (that’s builder in a bottle nails, FYI) all finished off with the latest trending nail art designs?

Intricate nail art by Lisa

Lisa’s way more than a nail technician, she’s a fully-fledged artist creating jaw-dropping nail art using top-notch products and the latest machinery (hey there, nail airbrusher!) Whether you’re looking for funky nail art ideas, opting for intricate nail art designs, or going for classics, she’s got the style to match your vibe.

Red and chrome intricate nail art by Lisa

To get your hand painted nail art by the one and only Lisa, visit The Bohemians Salon, an uber-stylish salon, where you can also get your hair done – bonus! Expect a warm welcome and of course, quality time with one of London’s next top nail artists!

Instagram: @lisa__nailedit

Nail Art Leeds: Lana, @iceylana, Grays Salon

Want to add some serious POP to your regular mani? Then treat yourself to a nail spa sesh with Lana and get your fingernails popping with colour, sparkle and some major bling!

Lana’s hand painted nail art creations range from tattoo-inspired to japanese anime. Want Hello Kitty nails? She’s got ‘em. Sculpted 3D crazy nail art designs? Yep! Super cool chrome nail tip sets? You bet. No matter what nail art design you’re after, Lana can do it.

Tattoo-inspired intricate nail art by Lana

Ready to book? You’ll find Lana at Gray’s Salon in Leeds, a super cool hair, beauty and nail salon where you can get properly pampered.

Betty Boop hand painted nail art by Lana

Instagram: @iceylana

Japanese Nail Art London: Yuika, @yuikaaanails, Haco Salon

If you want to add some kawaii flare to your life, you’ve gotta visit an authentic Japanese nail art salon. What is japanese nail art? It’s a popular nail art style that’s characterised by uber-cute designs, super-sculpted 3D nails and pastel colours.

Kawaii nail art by Yuiko

Sounds like you? Then Yuika is the japanese nail art specialist that should be on your radar. Have a scroll through her insta for some seriously cute inspo: from kawaii nail art with bows, gems and hearts to galaxy-inspired nails!

Japanese nail art by Yuiko

Find Yuika at the hip Haco Nail Salon in Shoreditch and don’t forget to check out their hair salon too for some head to toe dose of Nippon-land fabulousness.

Instagram: @yuikaaanails

Nail Art Bristol: Gabby, @gxbbydoesnails, The Gossip Nail Bar

Get your nail art fix at one of the slickest nail bars around with one of the UK’s top nail artists! Meet Gabby, the Bristol nail artist bringing a healthy dose of colour and funky flare right at your fingertips.

Funky nail art by Gabby

From colourful flame nail art designs to intricate nail art (check out her insane halloween-inspired sets) booking in with Gabby means you’re leaving the salon with head-turning nails, so be prepared for strangers to take interest!

Halloween-inspired intricate nail design by Gabby

To top it all off, you’ll find Gabby in one of the coolest nail salons in the UK: The Gossip Nail Bar. Think pastel colours and leopard print, all while getting your claws done by one of the best!

Instagram: @gxbbydoesnails

Nail Art Edinburgh: Linda, @thenailfairy_cutebutdeadly, The Cute But Deadly Co

Looking for killer nail art designs? Whether you’re after acrylics, gel, or cute nail art on your own natural nails, Linda’s here to transform your fingertips.

Crazy nail art with piercings by Linda

Ever wanted piercings on your nails? If the answer is no, you might want to think again – because Linda’s adding more than just nail gems to your tips! Choose from simple nail art (that still packs a punch!) to crazy nail art with gems, intricate drawings and 3D designs.

Intricate nail art by Linda

Want to book a sesh? You’ll find Linda at one of the best nail art salons in Edinburgh: Cute But Deadly Nail Co. While you’re there, why not match your nail bling with a tooth gem?

Instagram: @thenailfairy_cutebutdeadly

Words by #GabriellaGasparini

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