The Top 5 European Techno DJs to Check Out that Broke in 2023

An exciting new wave of techno DJs came to the fore throughout 2022 and 2023, shaking up the genre and bringing their unique blend of beats to whole new audiences as well as long-time techno fans. Below, you’ll find the essential European techno DJs who made their mark this year and are set for even greater greatness in 2024.

1. Deborah de Luca

This Italian techno DJ and producer broke in 2023, recently making it onto DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs worldwide list. Born in Scampia, de Luca has toured extensively over the last couple of years, racking up thousands of new fans across the globe. Space in Miami, London’s Electric, and Amnesia in Ibiza have been just a few of the clubs she’s graced with her set.

It’s de Luca’s unique sound that marked her out as one of the DJs to watch in 2023. Fusing melodic undertones with big room beats, subtle grooves, and sudden starbursts of euphoria, there’s no one else quite like her on the techno scene, making her one of the most in-demand DJs right now.

2. SYZ

Hailing from Brighton in the UK, SYZ has slowly but surely been building up a loyal fanbase in recent years with the release of consistently high-quality tracks and EPs. The DJ and producer’s brand of leftfield techno came to the fore in 2023, helped along by some innovative music promotion, with his track Unearthed being picked up by Nicola Cruz for a new mix. SYZ is also the founder of the multimedia collective Method Lab, which serves as both a record label and events project, active across Bristol and the wider South West of the UK.

Earlier this year, SYZ debuted on the Banoffee Pie label with the Headspin EP. The five-track release was designed, in the words of the DJ, to get everyone on the dancefloor, with unique blends of techno and dubstep powered by driving bass beats.

3. Chloe Caillet

Parisian producer and DJ Chloe Caillet has been making waves over the last two years across the USA and Europe, recently playing sets at legendary events, including Glastonbury, Coachella, and III Points in Miami. Plus, she was named as resident DJ of the hugely popular Monday night party CircoLoco in Ibiza, putting her at the heart of the techno dance scene.

Caillet’s version of techno encompasses elements of bold and brash disco, soulful funk, and house expertly blended to get bodies moving. Fans are eagerly anticipating the DJ and producer’s new album, set to drop in 2024.

4. Eliza Rose

This London-born-and-based DJ’s track B.O.T.A. (Baddest of them All) stormed to the top of the UK charts in 2022 to become one of that summer’s biggest songs and continues to be a regular on the playlists of clubs around the world.

With dates confirmed for sets throughout the rest of the year at locations including Berlin, Oslo, Manchester, and London, you can also catch Eliza Rose in March 2024 at Sonar Lisboa, Lisbon, on the 22nd of the month.

5. Sedef Adasi

Born in Turkey and now resident in Germany, Sedef Adasi holds a much-coveted residency at the Panorama Bar, Berlin – as a purveyor of techno, a residency here denotes a gold standard in artistry. Adasi’s ability to blend genre and resist musical definition has long excited audiences in Germany, and the last couple of years have seen the DJ achieve rising popularity across the rest of the continent. Prague’s Ankhall and the fields of Glastonbury in the UK are just a couple of the world-renowned locations where she’s recently staged sets.

There’s still time to catch Adasi live this year. She’ll be appearing at Blitz in Munich, Soundit in Barcelona, and the Freak Queer Rave in Manchester on various dates throughout the rest of November.

Heading into 2024 with the Techno DJs to Watch Out For

The coming new year is set to bring a new crop of techno DJs to get audiences heading to the dancefloor. DJs to watch out for in 2024 include London-based AyChebs (who has collaborated with a wide range of artists as a producer) and Bluetoof. The latter’s commitment to UK techno has seen his star begin to rise this year, with a Rinse residency in the bag and the release of his single Jinx via his own label. Clavish, Fio Fa, Jacana People, and Loa Szala are all names to keep an eye on throughout the new year, too.

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