The Role of Luck vs. Skill in Casino Games: Debunking Common Myths

When it comes to casino games, skill and luck are the two factors that rule supreme. While most people agree that this is true, it’s often difficult to strike a balance, and this is why misconceptions about the subject continue to thrive.

In this article, we will explore the concept of skill and luck in casino gaming, clarifying some of the misconceptions people tend to have about them. Read on to debunk common myths about gambling.

Casino Games Are Purely Luck-Based

You’ve probably seen this so many times, as it is one of the most common misconceptions about casino games. While there are many chance-based titles, it would be wrong to say that all casino games are based on luck.

Slots are the biggest chance-based game in casinos. Because outcomes are completely randomised, skills wouldn’t be of much use. In a game like roulette, too, the outcome of the game depends on where a small ball falls on a spinning wheel.

Games That Require Skills

Poker players know you need skills and strategies to win games. Many other games like this only depend on luck to a small extent. Also, even in purely luck-based games like slots, you can still tip the odds slightly in your favour by learning how to vary bet sizes and leverage bonuses to earn bigger wins.

You can also look for bonuses to maximise your chances of winning. Sites like Gamblenator Australia recommend the best gaming opportunities for new and seasoned gamblers.

Skill Wins Every Time

On the other side of the spectrum, we have those who believe in the absolute power of skill in casino gaming. This argument isn’t entirely true as well. Some casino games are heavily skill-based. This is particularly true for card games like blackjack, where players need to know when to hit, stand or double down.

Without learning the basic strategy, it’ll be difficult to beat the dealer in games like this. The same is true for other skill-based games like:

  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Craps

However, the cards you are dealt at the start of the game are completely random. So, even in games where skills influence the outcome significantly, there’s still an element of luck involved.

You Can Beat the House Edge with the Right Strategy

In casino gaming, the house edge refers to the natural advantage that the casino gives itself to games. It’s the advantage the casino has over the player for every game. This is usually expressed in percentage and it depends on a value known as the return to play percentage (RTP).

The Role of RTP

The RTP refers to the percentage of cash that is returned to all players as they play the game. This is publicly displayed for all games. For instance, if the RTP of a game is 97%, it means 97% of the cash returns to players while the casino gets 3%. It means a 3% advantage is naturally built into the game.

The Impact of Variance

Aside from the RTP, another factor that contributes towards the house edge in slot games is the variance. This expresses the probability of winning combinations showing up as you spin. High variance slots are high risk because wins are scarce, but the rewards players earn are bigger. Conversely, low variance slots offer more wins but lower rewards.

As the explanation above shows, no amount of strategy will completely eliminate the house edge. It is built into the game and any benefit you get by implementing strategies will only improve your odds momentarily.

Games of Chance Favour the House; Games of Skill Favour the Player

Although this sounds like a logical thing to say, it isn’t exactly true. Whether a game is chance-based or skill-based, it’ll always have a house edge. This is also true for the games provided with bonus offers.

The house-edge is a statistical advantage built into the game and it expresses itself in all games-even in games where skills play a major role in the outcome. The house edge is what keeps casinos in business. It’s illogical to think there’s no inherent edge for the house simply because the game is skill-based.

Casino Games Are Rigged to Take Your Money

Casinos are not rigged by the operators to take your money. All legitimate casino software providers use what is known as Random Number Generators (RNGs) in all their games. This technology ensures that the outcome of every spin, draw, or roll is independent and unpredictable.

You should not assume that a slot that hasn’t gotten a winning combination for a while is due for a win. Similarly, a slot that has been giving you wins may not strike out on the next one. It’s all random.

Gaming Authorities Control Fairness

It is illegal for casinos to fix game outcomes or tamper with the mechanics in any way. Licensing authorities and auditors check periodically to ensure that it stays this way. This is why it is important to only play games in legitimate casinos with valid licences from gaming authorities.

In addition to these precautions, players should also adhere to responsible gambling practices. No matter how fair a casino is, you’re likely to lose your money if you are chasing wins or looking for hefty jackpots.

It can also lead to gambling addiction and other associated issues. This is why players should put measures in place to manage their gambling behaviour, and casinos are expected to promote responsible gambling too.

Myth vs. Truth

The table below summarises the common myths about luck and skills and the arguments against them. Understanding them will unwind the misconceptions often associated with gambling and provide valuable insights into the true nature of chance and skill in casino games.

Casino games are purely luck-basedSome games are skill-based, while others require a mix of both luck and skill
Skill wins every timeEven in skill-based games, there’s an element of luck
You can beat the house edge with the right strategyThe house edge does not change in the long-term
Games of chance favour the house, and games of skill favour the playerThere’s a house edge for all casino games
Casino games are riggedCasinos use random number generators to ensure random outcomes


Luck and skills both have their place in casino gaming. The interplay of these two factors depends on the type of game you’re playing. Either way, you can tip things slightly in your favour by learning how casino games work and mastering basic strategies where necessary.

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