The principle of responsible gambling and its role in casino play

What is Responsible Gaming? Principles of Responsible Gambling in Online Casinos for Real Money

Once you try online casino gambling, you’ll see that it’s among the most engaging and fun entertainment available on the Internet. You can play for hours and still not be bored. The prizes offered by casinos make the whole thing even better. Sounds great, right? It is, but only if you don’t become too engaged and lose control of the time and money you spend on casinos. That’s where responsible gambling can help you.


The Concept of Responsible Gambling

Today, online gambling is widely available to players. It takes only a few minutes to find a good casino at, sign up, deposit funds, and start playing. Such simple access to real-money games, however, presumes certain risks related to spending too much money, playing too long, and even developing addiction. Responsible gambling is a tool designed to prevent all these risks.

Playing responsibly means you adhere to a list of principles that protect you from casino addiction and its early symptoms. Use it in your daily gambling, and you’ll enjoy casino play without the possibility of transforming entertainment into a bad habit.


Principles of Responsible Gambling

There’s a set of rules for a player constituting the principle of responsible play. Here are the key ones you should always stick to:

  1. Control the amount of time you spend on casinos. Use the “Reality Check” feature on gambling sites to see how many minutes and hours you’re in play.
  2. Spend only the money meant for entertainment. You shouldn’t deposit using funds you need for daily life, important purchases, or studying.
  3. Employ stop-loss limits to prevent overspending. It’s a way wiser decision to pause the game and take a break for some time when you lose than to waste everything you have right away.
  4. Don’t play with the sole purpose of getting the money you’ve lost back. It only leads to even greater losses.
  5. Be wise with your betting limits. Don’t wager more than your budget size allows you.


Responsible Gambling Tools

When you feel a problem is already there, responsible gambling tools can help you stop it from developing. You have a choice to do everything in a soft or hard way. The soft one is to set a personal monthly deposit limit to cap possible expenditures on casinos or take a cool-off period for a few days without gambling.

The hard way is self-exclusion. You suspend yourself from a casino for a period from a month to an indefinite time. It’s usually enough to stop the progressing addiction from developing.



Responsible gambling is a way of casino play designed to prevent problem gambling. It offers you principles that will allow you to play safely without the risk of developing an addiction. We recommend you comply with these principles whenever you play casinos online or offline.

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