The Garnetts | “Still Running”

Liverpool-based emerging indie-pop group The Garnetts unveil their latest single, “Still Running.”

Famed for their infectious indie vibe, drawing influences from an eclectic mix of artists such as HAIM, The Strokes, and Talking Heads, the band has already made waves with sold-out performances at esteemed Liverpool venues like The Cavern, O2 Academy, Grand Central Hall, and EBGBs.

“Still Running” serves as a quintessential representation of their musical ethos. Produced under the expert guidance of Ben Harper, known for his work with renowned acts like The Mysterines, The Kairos, The Sherlocks, and The Zutons, the track seamlessly merges vibrant, crunchy guitar melodies with tight drum rhythms and anchored basslines, all anchored by the compelling lead vocals. With its anthemic chorus and a gradual build-up of momentum, the song introduces layers of vocal harmonies, enriching the central lead vocal line.

Speaking on the track, the band state, “I was tired when I started out writing ‘Still Running’. Modern life is tough, getting tougher – and all you ever seem to hear these days (whilst the kids are making millions from their bedrooms) is people telling themselves they should be content with the things they’ve managed to own. But when you ask yourself whether the things you sit amongst are the things you think you’re here for, you start to wonder what you’re doing with your time.”

Recorded at the iconic Liverpool Motor Museum, “Still Running” marks a significant milestone in The Garnetts’ artistic journey. Collaborating with Ben Harper, the band explored new sonic territories, incorporating nuanced percussion, atmospheric pads, and even piano elements, enriching their signature guitar-led indie sound. “It’s about finding the strength to put your middle finger up and shoot for a dream, even if that means living with “less”, or struggling to make average ends meet as an artist; stuck in that bottom-of-the-ladder job,” they say. “It’s about realising you’d rather spend time living with the sun on your face, surrounded by people and art at any given opportunity than build a healthy pension.”

With attention from esteemed radio stations and publications such as ANR Factory, Nerve Magazine, Bearded Magazine, and BBC Introducing, The Garnetts have firmly cemented their status as ones to watch. Their dynamic live performances, evidenced by sold-out headline shows in and around Liverpool, as well as appearances at prestigious events like the Liverpool Digital Music Festival, Deva Fest 2023, and Hale Barns Festival 2023, underscore their readiness to elevate their music to new heights.

Still Running is out now.

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