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Australian country-music trio The Buckleys have just released their new EP, Take It As It Comes.

The chart-topping trio comprises siblings, Sarah, Molly, and Lachlan Buckley. Growing up in a musical family, the three have been performing together since they were pre-teens. After being discovered in 2019 by Chris Murphy of Petrol Records, they have gone on to achieve a number one single on the Australian country radio charts with their debut single Daydream followed by a string of further charting singles. Their debut album Daydream has amassed over 5.8 million total global streams, reaching number 18 on the ARIA County chart. As brothers and sisters in a band, their bond and trust for each other is at the forefront of everything they do. With each member favouring different genres, their music is an amalgamation of different sounds colliding to create something unique to them.

The band’s new EP, Take It As It Comes, delves into a new chapter for the Australian chart-toppers and their evolution as people and artists. It features five tracks each showing a different side of the trio. 

1883 Magazine chats to The Buckleys about their new EP, growing up in a musical family, and what’s next for the band.



Hey Sarah, Molly, and Lachlan, thanks for taking the time to speak with 1883 Magazine. Your new EP, Take It As It Comes is being released on September 16th. Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind it, did you go into the creative process with an EP in mind? How does writing for an EP differ from your debut album?

Sarah: Were super excited for the EP to come out. We loved writing these songs together and really defining the next chapter of who The Buckleys are and what we want to say. Since the release of our debut album Daydream about 2 years ago, weve grown so much as people and artists and so much has happened. Its such a beautiful thing to be able to create a body of work that represents who we are in this moment and how we evolve as time moves on. The creative process was different because it wasn’t necessarily writing a 12-trackjourneybut rather we wanted to capture each side of ourselves in 5 different tracks. Each song is different and shows another side of us.


For anyone who may not have heard of The Buckleys, how would you best describe the music you make? 

Sarah: The music we make is always a little hard to describe, I would say its feel-good, country/rock/pop. There are a few other influences thrown in there, we grew up on many different styles of music so from time to time you may hear a bit of it.


Your debut single, Daydream, reached number one in the Australian Country Music charts followed by your next two singles reaching number two and three respectively. An amazing start to your career! How did it feel to have such a great reception from your first releases and have you felt a level of pressure to live up to that?  

Molly: It was crazy watching those songs climb up the charts. Especially our first single Daydream because we truly had no expectations. Id say we feel a lot more excitement rather than pressure when releasing music, we just cant wait for something we worked on and love to get out into the world.


The three of you were exposed to music at a very young age with your father being a rock and roll drummer and taking you to his shows. He must be so proud of you for following in his footsteps. Do you think the three of you would have found your passion for music if it wasnt for him introducing you to it as he must have played a huge part?

Lachlan: Our father has definitely played a big part in our lives when it comes to music, I cant say for sure that we would have taken the same path if it wasnt for him however music has always played such a big part in our lives I cant imagine doing anything else. At the time though he would always say how rough the music industry can be and that he didnt want us to get into it, especially at a young age, however, that clearly never stopped us!


With only three or so years between the oldest and youngest Buckley, did you all get along growing up? What do you think you gain from being a band of siblings creating music together rather than a group of friends? It must be so nice working with people you can be brutally honest with! 

Molly: It does get pretty brutal at times but its all about forgive and forget when you’re siblings. Were so lucky to be in it together, especially when a tough situation hits us. We all know each other so well and dont go through it alone.

Its all fun and games until were hangry though, thats when you run. A happy Buckley is a fed Buckley.



Who are some of your main influences as a group? Do you all share a similar taste in music?

Sarah: We all have different tastes in music but really appreciate each others tastes and styles… We all love most music. I would say, as a group, our foundations probably lie in the world of 70s bands like Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles etc. However, Lachlans guitar for example is really influenced by Southern Rock and Blues like the Allman Brothers. I love songwriters like Carole King, Elton John, Taylor Swift, and Freddie Mercury. There is a lot of Country influence too. Our music tastes are always evolving as we discover new music and we like to feed all of that into our own music to create something new and fresh sounding but with a classicflavour, hopefully.


Are there any talented new artists from the Country Music scene in Australia you think deserve special mention? It is so nice to see it grow stronger as more and more people fall in love with the genre! 

Sarah: Its so exciting to see where country music is heading and the fantastic new artists who are part of this next evolution of the genre. Some of my favourite Aussie Country acts coming through are Caitlyn Shadbolt–we write together a bunch and shes such a brilliant songwriter, James Johnston who Ive also written with a few times, Bella Mackenzie, Melanie Dyer, Brad Cox, Southbound… there are so many!


You mentioned your previous single Oops I Love You, was written in a completely different way from your earlier releases, coming up with the bassline first while jamming and then building the song around it. Do you like to switch up how you go about writing songs now and then or do you usually prefer to find something that works and run with it?

Lachlan: The way we write songs is never the same. With Oops I Love You, it came about whilst jamming with our little brother, we then went on to demo it and ended up finishing it in Nashville with our producer, taking twists and turns until we finished recording it in the studio. Inspiration can come from anywhere such as a drum groove, song title, bass line or a guitar riff/chord structure, you never know.


Finally, what can we expect from The Buckleys in the near future? 

Lachlan: We’re currently out on tour, we’re playing Mundi Mundi Bash, Encore Manly–For our first Sydney show, Gympie Muster,  Big Sound, Savannah In The Round in Cairns, and plenty more. Head to our website to see more tour dates. 


Take It As It Comes is out now. Follow The Buckleys @the.buckleys


Interview by Gabi Oates 


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