The Best TV Shows That Deserve A Binge-Watch This Weekend

We have to admit that this pandemic has left us watching every show that gets suggested to us from our Netflix, you cannot deny it.

You have become open minded to watching anything these days. From horror, to science fiction-as long as it is a TV show with some decent ratings you are in. Well, today we decided to add the few shows that are of the now and ones that you possibly could have missed. Because hey, we all could want for even more shows-when could we not? So, make sure you keep reading and create a mental note of the ones that seem to reel you in. This weekend, you will have us to thank for!

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The Sinner

The Sinner is a 3 season long crime series. Within the series you watch the same detective, called Ambrose, look into crimes that would have otherwise been written off as murder, without a proper investigation of the background history behind each case. Each season has its own suspect and character, which makes you look forward to clicking onto the next episode, for the next following season.

We will start off with season one, where we see Jessica Biel playing the main suspect Cora. The series begins with what seems like a very ordinary couple, and their young child, going out by the lake to sit back and enjoy the sun, with some nice snacks. All of a sudden, we see Cora go into some kind of panic mode, as some indie music gets played by people who are just a few metres away. Then, we see Cora lunge out with her knife she used to peel an apple, and in rut with herself she begins stabbing the young man until he dies from injuries that she had given him. The damage was 7 strokes to the neck and chest. Ambrose, being the detective he is, knows there is more to the story than what meets the eye, so he begins investigating all the details behind the scenes, and guess what? His hunch was more than correct.



Bridgerton is one that you have probably seen advertised and raved about, on the platforms of social media. Based on a novel, this TV series combines 1800 London, with the modern twists of today (soundtrack wise), to give you a drama which is all quite refreshing. Despite it being based in the years where a woman’s modesty was her entire reputation, we still see bold sexually charged scenes, which highlight the huge divide between the female sex and the male sex. Nevertheless, the lives of the socialites are still very entertaining to watch.

This brings us to the next topic-marriage. We see the Bridgeton family debut their oldest daughter called Daphne into society, in order to get her suitors which are eligible in status and wealth, to ensure her a safe married future. We all know that just 200 years ago, women were unable to own property, or any wealth at all. Therefore, they depended on a good match, to ensure them a good future.

Daphne decides to get tongues wagging by setting up a false friendship with the Duke Simon, which makes the local gossip sheets run wild by a woman named Lady Whistledown go crazy. Yet, despite Daphne putting her reputation on the line, she becomes desirable in the eyes of society, attracting more than a few high and mighty men along her path. Despite all of this, she does not realise that while she is playing with fire, her friendship with Simon is far more complicated than it seems.


The Crown

The Crown tells the tale of the monarch Queen Elizabeth. Set with the support of a great budget, we see Elizabeth’s life told very accurately, including those that surround her such as her sister Margaret, her husband Philip, and of course her children with particular focus to Anne and Charles. Each two seasons, we see Elizabeth grow older and therefore she gets re-casted too. So first we have Clair Foy for the younger Queen, then we have Olivia Colman as the queen from 50 years upwards.

If you are wondering how the Diana story came to be, make sure you stay tuned and get into season 3 and 4, where you see Charles originally wanted to be with Camilla but was unfortunately refused. We also see Thatcher’s time in number 10, and how she really put women on the map for more than a means of being a family woman. The show certainly deserves your weekend, and being that there are quite a few episodes to get through, you will be set for quite a while, no doubt.


The Queen’s Gambit

If you are a chess player, you will know that the Queen’s Gambit is a move that only the prestigious can actually pull off when they play chess. While chess may not seem so interesting, to base a TV show on, you will soon be palpitating through this seven episode show. It is quite the dramatic series, which if we may say so ourselves, is female empowering. Why? Because we see genius chess player Beth Harmon (Played by Anna Taylor-Joy) put women on the map, in a world that was first and foremost a strategy game in the world of men.

The scenes that this show plays are exceptionally exciting and will no doubt have you on the edge of your seat. Despite the grandness of it all, we see Beth suffer with issues of her own which become a threat to the level of chess playing that she is able to do. But sooner rather than later, she shows up and makes sure to become the goddess of chess that she so deservingly should be. Without a doubt, this show is most definitely worth the watch.


The Undoing

Again, if you are into the crime/murder vibe when it comes to TV shows, you should most definitely consider The Undoing as your next go to. Why? First and foremost, it has very prestigious characters that have been in the acting scene for quite a while. We have Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, playing the loving couple Grace and Johnathan Fraser.  While the rich couple seem to have everything at their command, living in the upper East Side Manhattan, we see the psychologist and the oncologist’s world crumble, when the murder of Elena Alvez happens right under their nose. Soon after the murder happens, Johnathan disappears, supposedly at a work conference, and he and his wife immediately become suspects.

While the scenes within these episodes are very moving and eerie, you will soon come to realise that not everything is as perfect as it seems. With any murder, there will always be mystery, obsession and sexual scandals. Lucky for you, this series has all three within its 6 long episodes. Guaranteed this will most definitely be a show that you binge for the entire weekend, because hey, we managed to do this show in one night.


Behind Her Eyes

This show is very new to the scene of Netflix and quickly rose to the top ten must watch, in a matter of a week. Just like previous mystery shows we have mentioned within our list, this one has murder, suspense, sexual scandal and is psychologically testing. The show consists of three main characters, who just so happen to be in a twisted love triangle with each other. We have Adele, the stay at home wife, who happens to be taking a lot of pills for a condition that is not spoken about. David, who is the doting husband who happens to call every few hours to check up on his wife and make sure she is okay. Finally, we have Louise, who happens to work for David, and shared a kiss with him, before she even knew he was her new boss, or that he was married.

As the show progresses, we see how everything is definitely not how it seems, and that David actually happens to be scared of his wife a little, yet we still cannot seem to figure out why? She randomly bumps into Louise, while she is on a walk getting to know the new city here and her husband have moved to, and there we see a frantic wife rushing to answer her husband’s phone call, while denying that she was with anyone. Yet, the question you must ask yourself here is, is Adele as innocent as we believe, or is it the show’s producers, trying to get you making assumptions before the entire plot of the story gets given to you in pieces.

You will be scratching your head by the third episode, wondering if Adele is as crazy as she seems, or is she strategically trying to make sure that everything happens just as she likes it.




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