The Best Blunt and Joint Filter Tips in 2023

For a lot of stoners, blunts and joints are the go-to for social situations. The convenience of carrying them around is unparalleled and they are very easy to pass. But while bongs have a built-in water filtration system, joints need some modification to filter out the harsher parts of the smoke.

DaySavers offers a wide variety of pre-rolled cones, blunts, glass and wood filter tips, and even a pre-rolled cross cone! All of their pre-rolled cones and smoking accessories are tested to the strictest standards, so you can trust they are only the highest quality smoking products. They not only offer glass and wood filter tips in packs, so you can roll your own, but they also offer glass and wood tipped pre-rolled tubes in both rolling paper and hemp wrap!

A Quick Rundown of The Standard Filter Tips

Filter tips are an easy and elegant solution to this problem. Filter tips are small pieces of material you place at the end of a joint or blunt. They offer a barrier of protection between your mouth and the harmful carcinogens and toxins that are let off during the smoking process.

Joint filters are so essential for smoking because they help keep the joint intact during the smoking process. They also help prevent scooby snacks, wherein bits of cannabis or tobacco fall out of the blunt and into your mouth.

There are many types of filter tips that offer unique features.

Glass Filter Tips

Glass filter tips are attached to the end of a joint or blunt. They are sturdy, but unfortunately, they are hard to clean and can crack easily.


Blunt Filters

Some people take cigarette filters and put them in blunts or joints. Using this kind of filter for a joint can be self-defeating because it can filter out a lot of the THC and won’t pull as easily. 


Hand-rolled Filter Tip

These are small pieces of paper folded to obstruct the airway. They are effective in preventing scooby snacks but do not filter out any resin or harmful toxins.

While these types of filter tips can get the job done, the best filter tips available come from King Palm.


Premium Filter Tips

King Palm has revolutionized filter tips by focusing on durability, flavor, and supreme filtration. Instead of using glass filter tips, King Palm is made from corn husks. Corn husks have a few unique advantages over glass filter tips.


Why Corn Husks?

Corn husks are biodegradable, making them better for the environment. While glass will survive in a landfill for years, a corn husk will quickly disappear into the earth. This helps mitigate waste.

They are also more durable. We’ve all dropped joints before, but the difference is that a glass filter may shatter, while a corn husk will stay intact. Corn husks are also hard to tear, unlike cigarette filters. The pre-rolled cones sold at King Palm each come with a corn husk filter tip preinstalled.

King Palm filters have a unique ability to cool down smoke as you draw. Think of it in a similar manner to water cooling down smoke in a bong. This will ensure smooth and easy hits that don’t hurt your lungs. The size of holes in the strike that perfect balance of being big enough to get a good drag in, but not big enough for unwanted particles to fall out of your joint.


Bring The Flavor

King Palm filter tips are also known for their supreme flavor. While most types of flavored rolling papers and the like put forward a strong artificial taste, King Palm uses a terpene infusing process.

Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds in plants responsible for the aroma a plant gives off. These extracts are used to create a wholly unique taste. A King Palm terpene-infused tip offers a more natural flavor profile that works with your weed instead of against it.

The filter tips are crush activated. Simply squeeze the filter until you hear a pop and your joint or blunt will be infused with smooth subtle flavors that allow you to taste your weed’s natural terpenes. One of the advantages of the crush filter is that you can get a chance to taste your weed before crushing, giving you ultimate control over your smoking experience.  

Some of the most popular flavors on the King Palm family include smooth Banana Cream, refreshing Magic Mint, fruity Berry Terps, and the luscious Mango OG.


For Your Health

In addition to being delicious, King Palm Flavor Tips are significantly healthier than other forms of flavored rolling papers.This is due to a lack of transparency from most rolling paper companies. There’s no way to know what’s really in those pre-dipped rolling papers, so when you smoke a flavored paper, there’s no telling what you’re putting into your body. Many flavored papers have additives, harsh chemicals and even glue in them.

With King Palm, there’s no chance of inhaling unwanted toxic properties. There’s no glue, no nicotine, and no unspecified chemicals. King Palm flavor tips are made with food-grade essential oils and organic corn husks. This way, you can be sure about what you’re smoking.


The Product Line-up

King Palm Filter Tips typically come in packages of 100, or two. The two packs of filter tips are a superb choice for those who are curious about seeing how King Palm can enhance their smoking experience. However, the 100 packs will keep a seasoned smoker well-stocked for weeks, at a very reasonable price.

Users can choose between variety packs or packs that target a specific flavor. Each filter tip is 7mm, a small tip that bursts with flavor.

If you’re not someone who’s particularly fond of artificial flavors and just want to taste your weed’s natural profile, King Palm also offers a variety of unflavored corn husk tips. On the King Palm website, you can find 100 packs of unflavored filters for joints and blunts with different sizes to accommodate different rolls.


The Last Filter You Need  

Once you start filtering your blunts and joints with King Palm Filter Tips, you’ll find it hard to tolerate any other kind. The ease of use, the luscious flavors, and the durable and biodegradable material make it the best filter tip on the planet.

They can work with virtually any rolling paper, so you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite brand for flavor. This type of versatility makes King Palm Filter Tips the perfect addition to your smoking arsenal.


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