Take online Blackjack to the next level

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You may be familiar with the game Blackjack, but it’s time to enter a new world of live casino and enhance your gaming experience further. With the live game, Lightning Blackjack, online casino at Paddy Power has never been so electrifying!


How to play traditional Blackjack

If you’ve never experienced the fun of the classic game, here is a quick how to guide, in order to understand the Blackjack basics.

The main aim of any Blackjack game is to beat the dealer, and other players if there are any, and reach the grand total of 21 or closer to 21 than anyone else involved.

In the standard game, the dealer within the online game will deal two cards to you. It’s important to have an understanding of the card values, to have the best chance of succeeding, but this will all become simple to remember.

All number cards are worth their face value. Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10. With an Ace card, you can choose whether its value is one or 11. Usually the Ace is 11, unless this would cause your two cards to result in a total that’s larger than 21, and would therefore go bust.

In the game you can choose to stand – in this situation the player is confident in the fact that they are closer to 21. On the flipside, you can choose to hit, where you want another card to be dealt in order to reach a total that is closer to 21. After this, you will then get another opportunity to hit again or stand, if you’ve finally reached a higher total.


Blackjack with a twist

Those were the standard rules, but if there is anything else to be aware of, it will soon become very apparent. For extra help, use the live chat feature to interact with your host and other players, to experience the game at its full potential. This gives you the opportunity to experience live casino in the comfort of your home, and still interact with everyone involved.

With the standard game being so simple, Lightning Blackjack adds an extra element to the fun!

The main feature highlighted in Lightning Blackjack is that each hand will offer you a multiplier to enhance your prizes, which happens when lightning strikes! These multipliers can range from anywhere between 2x to 25x your stake, which will be added to your next hand if you succeed at the game.

Different multipliers will be added to different values if you triumph. There are options to split your hand – if both new hands prove to be a success, then the higher of the two multipliers will be added to your next hand.

If the game results in a push (where there is a tie), you will lose your stake, but not the multiplier (what a result!)


In a game filled with great extra features, explore them all today. Look out for the lightning, and prepare to take on all of the elements you may love in the traditional Blackjack game, but with a lightning twist!

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