Sweep Coins: Unlocking the World of Virtual Currency in Sweepstakes Gaming

The online casino space is an evolving industry that continues to grow with time. Traditional casinos have been overthrown by new social casinos with sweepstakes elements.  These platforms possess a unique business model that permits its players to access their favorite casino-style games for free and the chance to win really cool prizes. 

You may be wondering what’s the catch? In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn all about Gold Coins, Sweeps Coins, how to get free coins, and how to perform withdrawals on these platforms, namely Fortune Coins Casino, a leading social casino with sweepstakes. 


Sweepstakes Virtual Currency: Gold Coins

A critical requirement of sweepstakes is that the games must be free to play. For this reason, most of these platforms will have two modes: standard mode and premium mode.

In the standard mode, players can play all the casino-style games in the lobby using Gold Coins (GC), a virtual currency with no real money value.

Should the players ever run out of GC, they can purchase them from the platform’s Coin Store.


Sweepstakes Virtual Currency: Sweeps Coins/Fortune Coins

What are sweep coins? Let’s explore them further to learn more about how players can get them. 

Each casino platform may have its own name for Sweeps Coins. For the sake of sticking with Fortune Coins Casino, this article will reference Sweeps Coins as Fortune Coins (FC).

The other way a player can use the platform is in the premium mode, they can access all the casino-style games in the lobby for free using FC, however, these coins are redeemable for actual prizes. 

Since these coins can be transferred to tangible rewards they cannot be purchased. Instead, you can receive them upon purchase of GC, sign-up, and through other promotions offered by the site.


How to Get Free Gold and Fortune Coins?

Players can acquire the Gold Coins through welcome bonuses granted to new members upon registration and the daily login bonus. Upon receiving GC for the welcome bonus and daily login bonus, free FC will be credited to the player’s account as a complementary bonus.

The only coins you can purchase are Gold Coins. Once again, after the purchase of additional GC, players will receive a designated amount of free FC.

Another way of claiming FC is through social media contests, tournaments, and epic promotions.


How to Perform Withdrawals of Fortune Coins in Fortune Coins Casino?

Withdrawing funds operates similarly to making deposits. Similar to using authorized banking methods when making a purchase, players use these same methods to retrieve their winnings. However, players must verify their accounts first. Players will be asked to provide government-issued ID, proof of residence, and other documents. Once account verification is complete, the player can perform a withdrawal.


Final Note

Whether you enjoy playing in the premium or standard mode, social casinos with sweepstakes offer the best of both worlds with free-to-play games and potential prizes. Sign up at fortunecoins.com today and get your free GC and FC now!

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