Surprise! Guess Who is a Mom?

Even celebrities can hear their internal clock ticking when it comes to starting a family. In the last several years, we have seen many top celebrities put their careers on hold and prioritize adding to their families. Many celebrities enjoy having the public take their pregnancy journey along with them. Others stay so under the radar that even the top fans aren’t aware of their impending arrivals.

Here is a list of some celebrities who have started families in the past couple of years. You may be surprised at some of them!

New Moms Under the Radar:

Here are some celebrity moms who kept their pregnancy a secret from the public until after they gave birth.

Ashley Olson and her husband are parents. In mid-2022, Ashley Olson gave birth to her first son, Otto.

Brenda Song and McCauley Culkin often said they’d like to start a family as far back as 2018. On April 5, 2021, the couple welcomed their son, Dakota. The couple had a second child recently, but the public only found that out when it was confirmed by Culkin’s brother, Kieran Culkin.

Paris Hilton and her husband Carter Reum became parents via surrogate in January 2023. No one was aware of the event until a photo was seen of Paris holding the precious little hand of her sweet baby.

Riley Keough, that’s right, Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, is now a mom! Riley and her husband, Ben Smith-Peterson, welcomed their first child in 2022. The public was unaware of the child until she mentioned her daughter at her mother, Lisa Marie Presley’s memorial.

Rebel Wilson announced that she was a proud mom in late 2022. The child, who is named Royce Lillian, was born via surrogate. The actress and her partner are over the moon about their new addition.

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons have been cast together in many movies, but they are also a couple off-screen. The couple now has two children who were kept under wraps until after their birth. The family, including son Ennis, welcomed another child in the summer of 2021. The baby is James Robert.

Emma Roberts and actor Garret Hedlund quietly welcomed a son in early 2021. Emma Roberts who is well known for her work on the Scream series as well as working on American Horror Story for numerous seasons, quietly gave birth to Rhodes Robert Hedlund.

Mom’s Enjoying the Spotlight:

Unlike these actresses, many others welcome the fanfare related to their pregnancies and new additions, according to

Kourtney Kardashian has seemingly enjoyed becoming a mom again with her new husband, Travis Barker. The family had a new addition in late 2023, which they named Rocky Thirteen.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend also added to their growing family in 2023.

Katherine Schwarzenegger and her actor husband, Chris Pratt, now have two children. Lyla Mari was their first child; their second child was born on May 21, 2022, another girl named Eloise Christina Schwarzenegger Pratt.

Many celebrity moms wait until after their first trimester before making pregnancy announcements. As you can see from this list, many prefer to keep their personal life private until they are ready to make life-altering announcements.

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