Suede Jackets: 6 Timeless Classic Styles

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Just like leather jackets, different kinds of suede jackets have been known to be part of classic fashion for a very long time. Jackets were mostly designed for some purpose and then most of them were induced in daily life fashion. Since the early times, most of the jackets have become a trend and those trends do not seem to fade away any time soon. 

When we talk about suede jackets, we know for a fact that they created great hype in the early 1960s and 70s. They were known to be a statement piece. Suede is popular due to the comfort level it provides and the smooth texture it has. You can pair it with any outfit and look elegant. 

Just as autumn takes a turn in the weather reports, suede jackets are seen almost everywhere. They are classy and maintain a look that can be worn with a number of clothes. No one can ever get tired of wearing a suede jacket. However, there are several types of jackets when we talk about suede. Here we are going to talk about 6 timeless classic styles in a suede jacket. 


Suede Trucker Jacket


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Suede trucker jackets are casual, classic, and comfortable, all in one. They can be worn almost everywhere but most people who spend their time out tend to prefer them more due to their ruggedness. You can style the trucker jacket in the way you want. As the suede trucker jacket is known for comfort, for an outfit that is comfortable too. Pick jeans or cotton pants and a solid colored polo shirt. Sneakers or trainers are the two types of footwear that seem to be the most comfortable for men, so slide any of them on. To complete the look, put on the trucker jacket. Your look would be both casual and attractive.

Suede Shirt Jacket


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The suede shirt jacket is a versatile piece of clothing. They can either be worn just like a button-up shirt but most people wear it like a jacket. This casual classic can be worn to evening parties with friends, or for Sunday brunch, or even to college, pair it according to your style. If you want, go for a light colored, round neck t-shirt, maybe white or grey, pair it with black denim jeans, and put a suede shirt jacket over your t-shirt. Go for sneakers or joggers to complete your style. To accessorize it, wear hand bands or danglings on your neck. 



Suede Biker Jacket


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A biker jacket is the type of jacket that every guy wants to have in his collection of jackets, in short, it is a must-have. Biker jackets are designed in a way that they can be worn with any clothing piece and it is going to slay every time. You can wear a biker jacket while dressing up in a business casual way, or if you are going to a pub, or even if you are going for a long bike ride. Style it carefully so that every time you wear it, it changes your look. If you want to keep a classic style, go for jeans, a t-shirt, or if it is really cold, go for a turtle neck. To enhance your look some more, opt for suede boots, a pure classic style. 

Suede Shearling Jacket


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The suede shearling jacket is a refined and magnetic outerwear piece. To own a suede shearling jacket is surely a luxury. Shearling jackets keep you warm and comfortable in severe winters without seeming a lot. With the soft inside and sculpted from the outside shearling jackets give a macho look if paired right. If you want to keep it casual and classic at the same time, go with tank shirts and blue denim with sneakers. Wear your shearling jacket from above. You should not overdo your outfit if you are planning to wear a suede shearling jacket, as it speaks for itself.

Suede Bomber Jacket


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Bomber jackets are the life of any outfit, guys love wearing them with anything they wear and keep them in their wardrobe all year round. However, suede bomber jackets are the true fashion essential for all men who love wearing suede jackets every day. Pair it with different clothing pieces and you are ready to go. Classically with suede bomber jackets, guys go for solid colors, slim fit tees, jeans and sneakers, trainers, or joggers. Accessorize your look a bit by wearing a watch and sunshades. With this look you can go on a casual date, can attend a graduation afterparty, or even go for a cruise with friends, all depending on the type of event.

Stallon Suede Jacket


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Stallon suede jackets are another style of classic suede jackets as they are smart and effortless at the same time. Dress casual or business casual with it as it works well with all. Stallon jackets can be worn all year round as they are not extremely warm, wear them with t-shirts in autumn and with sweaters in winters. You can wear jeans, chinos, khakis, or even leather pants with them underneath. As you are going to dress according to the occasion, go for loafers or trainers. Whatever suits your look best. 


These were the types of suede jackets and 6 timeless styles with them. If you still haven’t gotten a suede jacket what are you waiting for? You can have it through the black friday jacket deals from The Jacket Maker. You will surely have a timeless fashion piece that never grows old no matter when or where you wear it. However, when it comes to styling, if you have a good fashion sense and you keep yourself updated with the latest fashion you surely are going to look dashing. 


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