Style Your Wedding Squad: Tips on How to Bring Out Their Personalities Through Their Outfit

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Your wedding is not just about a grand big party where you dress up and say your “I dos.” It is a sacred ceremony that celebrates love, commitment, and friendship — something you only share with the people closest to you and your partner’s hearts. Some of these people will even take part in one of the most significant components of your big day: the wedding entourage.

Weddings usually follow the traditional etiquette of the bridal party wearing matching attires, especially if you have a particular wedding theme – bridesmaids in similar dresses and groomsmen in uniform suits. The reality is, the wedding party is a motley crew of different personalities from diverse backgrounds and interests. They have different ways of dressing and styling themselves, especially for formal events. There are also considerations regarding their preferences in cuts and silhouettes based on their body types and fabric colors based on their skin tones.

If you are a couple who loves to embrace the uniqueness and individuality of each member of your wedding party while still channeling tradition, cohesiveness, and uniformity to the whole aesthetic, we have the solution for you. Scroll down below for tips on how you can style your wedding squad flawlessly while letting their personalities shine through. Read on!


Send out some style inspirations



The general theme and concept when it comes to the looks of the wedding entourage are still ultimately decided by the bride and groom. One of the best ways to introduce your preferred look and feel is to send them inspiration boards and style pegs which they then can in turn use as a reference for finding the perfect outfit. You can easily do this by gathering and organizing fashion boards on Pinterest and sending them out to the squad.


Let them be playful with fashion


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Mixing and matching outfits is a fun way of presenting your wedding party’s individual charms. But this approach could get messy and all over the place if there is no unifying detail that will tie all of their attires together. To pull this off properly, let them choose their garb’s color and design but set a unifying element to finish off their looks. For example, choose a specific length of the dress for the ladies (e.g., floor-length only or everyone should be in a jumpsuit) but trust them with the print or shade of the fabric. For the men, you can require all of them to wear neckties but they can choose what print that necktie would come in.

Colors also play a big role when it comes to wedding themes so don’t veer away and use your motif as a reference for your entourage’s outfit. Let them select the cut and silhouette then you can give the directions when it comes to the shades they can use. If you have a preferred color palette or print (e.g., mint green bridesmaid dresses only), you can then let your bridesmaids decide if they want a short or a long dress, as well as the type of fabric in this color they would like to wear. The groom should also let his groomsmen know if he would like them to wear a specific shade of suit (e.g., shades of brown) then the men can decide which tone of color they think they look best.


Encourage creativity through accessories




If you have a theme (e.g., classic wedding) that is better presented in the traditional way (same dresses and suits), there is still another method on how you can let the wedding party bring out their individuality – through accessories! Let your girls wear jewelry that will show their sparkle or a funky hair accessory for their crowning glory. If they want to embellish their dress with a sash or a belt, let them. Lastly, let them wear their preferred footwear, be it flats or heels.


Add a fun challenge



Get your wedding entourage excited by posing a challenge for them and rewarding their individuality. One example is you can ask them to wear one of your wedding colors in the most creative way possible. If you have an unusual shade of color in your motif, bridesmaids can wear a touch of that hue on their eye shadow. The entourage member with the best and most unique incorporation gets a gift at the end.

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