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Emerging Dutch-English artist Stevie Bill delivers a gen Z bop with new single, Messy.

Stevie Bill is essentially a modern nomad,  she grew up in Amsterdam but moved to Berlin at age 19 to focus her career as a songwriter, where she worked on tracks for other artists. But after spending time in Germany, the artist has again upped sticks and relocated to New York after being accepted into the prestigious Clive Davis Institute at NYU. Now whilst firmly based in the US for now, the rising singer-songwriter has been working with a number of producers and writers for her own project. An artist project that is packed to the brim with glistening and bouncy beats, catchy melodies, excellent vocals, and relatable lyricism. Her music has been so well received that it’s been picked up by tastemakers and streaming playlists aplenty. Now, Stevie Bill is gearing up to drop the forthcoming debut EP entitled, Messy, and she’s just released a killer track of the same name, lifted from the extended play.

1883 spoke with Bill to discuss moving to New York, writing for other artists, and Messy.


Photography by Abby Orons


Hey Stevie, your new single Messy has just dropped. Can you please tell us what inspired the track?

I wrote it during a time where I was eating my takeout from last night for breakfast the next day, partying a lot, trying new things and enjoying life to the fullest. My healthy sleep schedule was nowhere in sight, but I was having the most fun ever. This was all due to the ending of a long relationship and a lot was changing in my life. It made me realise that sometimes when things really hit the fan, it’s for the better. I started appreciating the chaos of life, and this song celebrates that.


For anyone who doesn’t know, you grew up in Amsterdam before moving to Berlin at 19 years old to start writing for other musicians and gain experience in studios. How did you initially decide on this jump from Amsterdam to Berlin and before that when was the moment that you knew you wanted to pursue music as a career?

My mum used to be a pop singer in the 80s, and my dad is a musician too. I started playing the piano when I was about 4 years old and that made understanding melodies easy. I was always composing something, whether it was a song with lyrics or just instrumental. I would be like: ‘this is a song I wrote for Katy Perry’ and perform it on my old computer. I always knew I wanted to make music my job, I just didn’t know in what way yet. I finished high school at 18 and started meeting some people who actually worked in music. Producers, writers, artists. Someone was like: wanna come to Berlin and write in a studio for a year and I was like…. Ok!! I wanted to take any opportunity I could get.


After Berlin, you relocated to New York to study at the Clive Davis Institute at NYU – what was the biggest lesson you learnt from your time there?

That’s a good question… I learned a lot in that year. I think the main lesson was that it’s okay to set goals and have high expectations of yourself, but if things play out differently, that should be okay. I expected to be immediately thriving in New York and love every second of it. But everything was new and it takes a while to adjust to a new environment and new people, and you can’t beat yourself up about it.


As someone who’s spent a lot of time in different countries, what have been the biggest cultural differences that you’ve noticed between Amsterdam & the US?

I can speak about the cultural differences between New York and Amsterdam, two cities. But honestly, these cities are incomparable because every city has their own thing! People are extremely creative in New York, anything is possible. That’s what I love about this city. Nothing is too crazy. Literally be who you want to be here. Wear crazy fits and make art and do stuff. Amsterdam is beautiful, calmer, people biking around over the canals. The little boutiques, the boats, the put together style and the HEALTHY food. I think Amsterdam is better for your health. In every possible way. But New York is better for my soul… how cringe but it’s true!


When it comes to songwriting for other artists, do you approach the songwriting process in a completely different way compared to when you write songs for yourself? 

I like to talk to people first when I write for them, and really understand the whole story. The details are important too. You need to really dive into their brain and find out what they wanna say in order to help say what they are feeling. You’re basically trying to express someone else’s feelings. Writing for others is fun because you can word vomit and they can pick and choose what they like. I’m less of a perfectionist when I write for others because they get to do that part. I just get to be there and come up with ideas for them.


And if you could write a song for anyone, who would you pick and why?

I’d love to write for a huge act because I wanna see how it goes down in the studio when they make something. I wanna know if it’s different. I’d love to topline for Beyonce, Drake or Rihanna. Just go in the studio and sing and make a banger.


What’s one fun fact that people might not know about yourself?

I like to twerk and I do it every day. It’s my hobby.


When can we expect some live UK shows? Is there anywhere besides London that you’d love to play?

There aren’t any shows planned right now for the UK but playing there would be so sick. And yes I’d love to play in Edinburgh because my best friend/sister is from Scotland. Just so she can come and see me. And I’d love to go to Japan some time, I’ve never been there.


Finally, what can you tell us about your upcoming debut EP? Why should people look forward to its release?

This EP is all about energy, and I hope it makes you feel empowered or angry or happy or wanna scream the lyrics. When we play it live you can feel it in the room. I think this EP is especially fun if you just came out of a breakup or if you’re in your reckless phase. The phase where you’re getting your confidence back. Those are the best moments! So why should people look forward? Because confidence is the best feeling ever.


Messy is out now. Stevie Bill’s debut EP is out November 11th. Follow Stevie @steviebill_

Interview by Cameron Poole

Photography by Abby Orons


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