Stay, Work, Play: Hotels That Prioritize Work-Life Balance

The end of the global pandemic has resulted in an increasing number of remote workers.  Not being constrained to office desks anymore, people have realized that they could merge their work with different aspects of their lives. Thus, the digital nomads were born – by taking their jobs wherever they go, these people have combined work and leisure in a perfect way.

While already at the core of coworking, the hospitality industry was very quick to recognize this change. By focusing on creating coworking spaces, hotels worldwide have prioritized meeting the ever-evolving needs of modern workers.

It’s no news that the work-life balance has a huge impact on both; therefore, hotels in Tbilisi with coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular among the workers residing in Georgia. In this blog, we’ll discuss what makes such venues stand out and how traveling employees can benefit from them.

Key Features

Any place where people get their work done needs to be appropriately designed. Hotels that are offering coworking spaces are putting more focus into creating spaces where people can be the most productive; however, it’s equally important to provide them with different ways to relax.

Such hotels give workers the flexibility to select the most comfortable arrangements. Namely, regardless of whether a person chooses to isolate themselves or share a communal table with others, hotel workspaces offer both options, allowing visitors to switch between the two whenever they feel the need to do so.

Obviously, modern technologies are a must for any coworking space. High-speed internet, multiple charging stations, etc. – these are the basics that every hotel must provide if they want to accommodate “workations.”

Everyone agrees that the time we spend resting and clearing our heads is just as important for our productivity levels as the time we put into working. Since hotels are multifaceted establishments, they can take the break culture to the next level. By providing access to their restaurants, gyms, or other recreational facilities such as spas and massage centers, they give their visitors an unmatched opportunity to relax and recharge.


While no one can disregard the undeniable benefits of working from home, there is one crucial aspect that ultimately brought remote workers back to shared workspaces – socialization. The need for flexibility and the lack of human interaction was exactly what created a demand for coworking spaces in the first place.

The beauty of any coworking space, including those in hotels, is simple – it shelters people from all fields and industries and allows them to interact with each other. This communication is bound to result in collaboration sooner or later, which is why such establishments are a nest for innovation.

Such a diverse and dynamic environment acts as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, as collective brainstorming and sharing of ideas with like-minded individuals will eventually lead to bringing different thoughts and concepts into reality.

Finishing Thoughts

For the people who have to take a lot of business trips, the closeness of productive and relaxing spaces provides an unmatched comfort. You might argue that working from home brings the same level of coziness as well; however, providing all the necessary tools and amenities while also building a community is exactly what makes coworking hotels stand out.

By identifying your needs and priorities as a traveling professional, you can easily find a hotel that will be just right for you. In the future, the expected integration of higher-tech features will make the overall stay much more productive and enjoyable for each visitor.

The ability to mix business and leisure in a way that doesn’t compromise either is proven to have a positive impact on the overall quality of work, along with the physical and mental well-being of employees.

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