Smart Casual: The Fundamentals of a Casual Attire

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Smart casual is a dress code where fit and comfort are combined for a well-dressed and comfortable outfit. It’s a relaxed type of outfit that’s less formal but can still be worn to both formal and less formal events. A dress code that every man just has to know, which is why we’ve put together a straightforward guide to the fundamentals of smart casual attire.

Smart casual is a term you often come across. Your employer may send out invitations to a business party stating that the dress code is ‘smart casual’, and friends may tell you that the dress code for the summer party is ‘smart casual’. But what exactly is it and what should you wear to make sure your attire is in line with the dress code?

We’ve outlined the fundamentals of smart casual here, from choosing a shirt with a color that fits the season to focus on the smallest details like wearing plain mens socks.


Neutral Colors That Are Easy to Mix and Match

Smart casual attire is first and foremost characterized by garments that are rather low-key in terms of color, which means that you shouldn’t experiment too much with statement colors or abstract patterns. Stick to neutral shades like gray, beige, and black, but also navy blue and sage green, as these are easy to mix and match.


The Focus Should Be on Garment Fit

Men’s smart casual is characterized by an outfit that fits well and looks great, without looking like you’ve put too much effort into achieving such a result. That’s why you should make sure that everything fits your body perfectly and accentuates your silhouette.

It’s therefore essential to consider your body shape and not just buy garments because they look good on someone else. You want to make sure that everything fits correctly at the waist and bottom, and if not, you can always have a tailor adjust it.


Comfort Is at the Heart of Smart Casual

Unlike many other dress codes, one of the most important aspects of smart casual is that the attire should be comfortable to wear. For example, you should wear a pair of pants with an elastic waistband that gives a more relaxed and softer feel to the body, while still looking as elegant as regular suit pants. It’s precisely such garments that characterize smart casual as they neither create a dressed-up nor dressed-down look.


Stylish Accessories Complete the Look

Finally, you can add some trendy accessories to give your smart casual outfit something extra, without going overboard. It’s important to not underestimate the details if you want to accomplish a great overall look – even the smallest details can work wonders for your outfit.  

Make sure you get a pair of sturdy socks to match the shoes you wear, and fasten your pants with a sleek black leather belt. If you have a nice watch to wear with the outfit, it can be the final touch that you want to add to your smart casual attire.

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