Seven Great ‘Foodie’ Restaurants That Have Got a Great Buzz In the US

If you’re a foodie looking for your next favorite restaurant, we’ve got not just one but seven for you to try! All the eateries on the list below are making waves in the culinary world right now and offer exquisite menus and a unique ambiance.

So from the most elegant eatery in the country to barbeque joints serving cow’s heads, your biggest problem might be choosing which one to visit first!


Eleven Madison Park, NYC, New York

This restaurant is the stuff of legends. It’s been consistently ranked as the US’s best restaurant for years and offers a fine dining experience like no other. If you’re lucky enough to get a table (and that’s a big ‘if’ – the wait list reportedly regularly runs into the thousands), this eatery could spoil you for any that come after it.

The interior of this establishment has exactly the sort of understated luxe you’d expect: simple, curved restaurant chairs are tucked into tables adorned with snow-white clothes in a high-ceilinged, minimalist room, where pieces of contemporary art adorn the walls. The atmosphere is airy yet intimate.

The restaurant has recently switched to a fully vegetarian menu, a bold move given the wild popularity and iconic status of many of its former dishes. However, the shift has been a resounding success, and tables here are just as in-demand as ever before. Unfortunately.


Vera’s Backyard BBQ, Brownsville, Texas

And from the heights of fine dining to something much more relaxed – and yet no less delicious! This well-known Brownsville institution has a menu that features some rather unexpected items…such as its renowned Barbecoa de Cabeza, which translates as barbequed cow’s head. Really.

Those brave enough to try it will be richly rewarded: it’s more yummy and succulent than you can dream of. You’ll also have the opportunity to build your tacos at Vera’s from various types of meat if the cow’s head doesn’t manage to tempt you.


Higgins, Portland, Oregon

Portland is known for its many high-caliber restaurants, so standing out from the crowd in this town is a tough task. Higgins has done it, though, helped along by its seasonal menu that features highlights such as confit of Oregon Albacore tuna and duck, pork, and cherry terrine.

The restaurant’s Piggin’s Cart serves gastronomic delights to outside diners, too: choose from Pastrami Sausage with Caramelized Onions, Curry Grilled Summer Vegetables with Mushrooms, or Applewood Smoked Pork Loin with Cave-Aged Gruyere.


Karv Kitchen, Atlanta, Georgia

A huge hit with locals, tourists, and folk visiting the area purely to sample the menu, Karv Kitchen, this family-run Greek restaurant, lives up to its hype.

Specializing in a range of rotisserie meats, diners are given a pitta bread and invited to pick a base of herb rice, herb roasted potatoes, fries, or a selection of keto fare, and then to add a generous portion of chicken or pork soulva, braised lamb, beef brisket, falafel, or tofu. Finally, guests can choose a range of tempting toppings and tasty sides.

You simply must round off your meal with some of the eatery’s famous loukobombs: a plate of golden-brown, crispy, European-style bite-size donuts, which are even better when enjoyed with a great cup of coffee.


Christopher’s at the Wrigley Mansion, Phoenix, Arizona

If you’re looking for a foodie experience at a restaurant causing a buzz, you need to head to Christopher’s. This new establishment had its opening delayed by the pandemic, but it’s now up and running and serving exquisitely presented seasonal fare with a French twist.

Some of the most popular dishes on the Christopher menu include House Smoked Scottish Salmon, Roasted Half Two Wash Ranch Chicken, and Smoked Truffle Infused Filet – the latter is so well-loved by regulars that it’s been on the menu since 1997!

The eight-course chef’s tasting menu is a culinary experience that has to be tasted to be believed.


Joule, Seattle, Washington

Joule fuses traditional American and Korean food to create something very special indeed. Largely regarded as one of the best restaurants in the entire Pacific Northwest region, this eatery should be on every foodie’s meal-out bucket list.

Main courses include stand-outs such as Hen of the Wood Mushroom with Lettuce Wrap Mise, Cauliflower Gratin with Bonito Fondue and Pickled Apple, and Prime Bavette with Mutsutake and Pine nuts.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is vibrant, fresh, contemporary, and welcoming, and events are organized regularly – keep an eye on the website for details.


Demi, Minneapolis, Minnesota

And last but not least on our list of must-visit foodie restaurants is Demi, an establishment located in one of the coolest neighborhoods in town: the North Loop.

In terms of its cuisine, Demi’s mission is to create a fabulous experience for its diners by using a mixture of seasonal, local, and rare ingredients from around the world. The menu here frequently changes to take into account the time of year and availability of produce.

Creating a warm atmosphere is key to the team at Demi, and the restaurant works in collaboration with a range of artists and artisans to make a truly unique space.








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