Self-Care: 7 Simple Spa Treatments You Can Do At Home


Hectic work schedules, raising kids, doing household chores—there seems to be no room for self-care. Taking some time off to take care of yourself helps you destress and just breathe. If you want to loosen up or pamper yourself without spending too much, we have just the perfect idea for you—an at-home spa treatment!


Setting Up an At-Home Spa Day

  • Set Up Your Space – Choose and declutter a comfortable space for your at-home spa.
  • Gather Your Supplies – Be sure to prepare all your treatments and have them close by and ready to avoid interrupting your zen.
  • Adjust the Lighting – You can light some scented candles for a soft glow or simply dim the lighting.
  • Add Some Mood Music – Play relaxing music to set the mood.
  • Dress Comfortably – Make sure to wear your softest robe or comfiest stretch pants.


Simple At-Home Spa Treatments

Instead of booking a waxing session in Oakville or a relaxing massage therapy in Ajax, we have some fancy pampering at-home spa treatment ideas perfect for relaxing and staying in.


1. Rejuvenating Body Scrub

Dead cells can accumulate on the skin’s surface, resulting in dry, dull-looking skin. Regular exfoliation gives your skin a clear, radiant, and youthful glow.

For a DIY nourishing body scrub, mix a cup of granulated sugar, ¼ cup of olive oil, and a few drops of essential oil for an uplifting scent. You can also add some manuka honey to help improve dry skin and acne.

Gentle rub the scrub mixture in circular motions over your body, especially on rough spots, such as the elbows.


2. Steam Facial

Steaming your face helps clean your pores and promotes clear and glowing skin. For an at-home steam facial treatment, pour boiled water into a bowl and leave it for several minutes to cool down slightly. Make sure it is not hot enough to burn your skin. You can also add a few drops of any of these essential oils:

  • Tea tree oil for acne-prone skin
  • Rose oil for dry skin
  • Lavender oil for oily skin


Lean over the steaming bowl of essential oil-infused water with a towel covering your head to trap the steam. Follow it up with a purifying mask or some toner and moisturizer.


3. Refreshing Foot Spa

Photo by Rune Enstad

Photo by Rune Enstad


At the end of a busy day, soaking your feet can help melt away all your tiredness. However, you do not need to buy fancy foot spa equipment. Soak your feet in a bowl of warm water with bath salts and/or essential oils. For a refreshing foot spa, use a foot scrub or pumice stone, if you have one. Apply moisturizer to keep your feet soft and smooth.


4. Soothing Eye Treatment

For a soothing eye treatment, use cool chamomile tea bags and cucumber to relieve puffy, dry, or irritated eyes. Cool potato slices also help treat puffy eyes.

Play some relaxing music, light a few scented candles, and lie back and cover your eyes with the cooled tea bags, cucumber, and potato slices for 10 minutes for a relaxing and refreshing treat.


5. Relaxing Massage

Instead of booking a massage therapy in Kitchener, grab your partner or a friend and give each other a relaxing massage. You can search for video tutorials online on how to stretch and apply pressure on tensed muscles.


6. Do Your Own Nails

Giving your nail a manicure is one way to lift your spirits when you are stuck at home. Paint your nails in your favourite colour or style them with various hues. For a better experience, soak your hands in warm water or file your nails to make your hands look and feel their absolute best.


7. Deep Hair Conditioning Treatment

You do not have to splurge on expensive deep hair conditioning treatments. You can still get perfect lustrous, shiny locks with a DIY at-home hair treatment using mashed avocado. Apply it directly on your hair for a boost of moisture and nourishment. You can also apply a beaten egg to your hair to give it a protein-rich treatment. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse it thoroughly with cool water.

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